This Report of the Indian Institute of Public Administration pertains to the year 2018-2019. The Institute undertakes research studies on substantive and contemporary issues as well as in specific areas as sponsored by the governments, national organisations and international agencies. It also offers advisory services in operational areas to government and public sector enterprises. It conducts a large number of training programmes on various aspects and facets of the study and practice of public administration and management and trains about 5000 officers and civil society members every year from India and abroad. It also publishes and disseminates literature on public administration through special publications and journals.

The Report presents the activities of the Institute under the following four major heads:

  • Training
  • Research
  • Activities
  • Information Management
  • Associational & Outreach Activities.

The Report includes information about the:

  • Institute’s Finances
  • Academic events like Seminars, Conferences, Lectures, Visits, Book Releases, etc.
  • Activity Reports of various Committees and Centres of IIPA
  • Academic Activities of Faculty
  • Administrative and Personnel Matters.


The Institute organised a large number of training programmes which broadly fall into the following categories:

Long-term Programmes: Includes Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA) for senior officers which is conducted for the Training Division of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Government of India.

Sponsored Programmes: Mainly those sponsored by (a) the Department of Personnel and Training, (b) the Ministry of Urban Development, (c) the Department of Science and Technology, (d) the Department of Consumer Affairs, and (e) other Ministries/Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, etc.

Fee-based Programmes: Designed and offered by the Institute at the behest of user organisation as well as at its own initiative.

44th Advanced Professional Programme on Public Administration, 2018-2019

Brief Report

The 44th Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA), a customised ten months’ programme for senior officers of the All India and Central Services including the Armed Forces was conducted by the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) from July 02, 2018 to April 30, 2019. The programme was sponsored by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. Forty officers from various Ministries/ Departments/Organisations participated in the programme.

Inaugural Session

Inaugurating the programme, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State (MoS) (Independent Charge) for the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Prime Minister Office, Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space undescored the role and criticality of civil services in India. He opined that the richness and diversity of learning in APPPA drive the officers to attend the programme. Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Chairman, (IIPA) and former Governor of Karnataka and Kerala observed that APPPA has functioned quite effectively for the last 43 years and the reason for this is that whatever is conveyed in the course, does not come only from the experts or the academics or the faculty of the Institute, but also from thinking of the participants themselves, and from their own experience. And that is why it enables the IIPA to modify, modulate, moderate, change and improve every subsequent programme for the next APPPA. So, it is an interactive programme. And it is the interactive process which really brings out the best in the participants. Apart from that, what is really important and what is always emphasised is that since it brings diverse disciplines, diverse areas—from the Defence Services to many other public services together—that shows that there is the need for mutual understanding of the limitations, the possibilities of cooperation and coordination so that what the people expect is done. So, this kind of convergence of talent and experience this APPPA represents, leaves no one in doubt that this time also the participants will carry this legacy further. In fact, APPPA as a programme encapsulates all aspects of governance in theory and practice. In his welcome address, Dr. Tishyarakshit Chatterjee, Director IIPA, urged the participants to use the APPPA as an opportunity not only for self-improvement in their area of specialisation but also undertake research into specific problems facing the nation and use the opportunity to find solutions that can be used as inputs into policy perspectives. Prof. Ashok Vishandass, Programme Director, highlighted the content, design and methodology of the programme and assured the participants that the Programme would be personally fulfilling, professionally rewarding, and intellectually stimulating. Dr. Kusum Lata, Programme Co-Director, delivered the vote of thanks.

The Programme

The programme sought to renew the participants’ domain knowledge as well as sharpen their skill sets through an integration of management concepts, tools and techniques with the requirements of public policy formulation, analysis and implementation, including the design and execution of delivery systems. The purpose was to enhance the sensibilities, sensitivities and capabilities of the participants to make and implement effective public policy systems and also to encourage exploration of innovative options and choices. APPPA through an exposure to global trends and practices encouraged exploration of innovative options and choices. As participants may work in policy and service delivery at inter-governmental, national, regional or local government levels, APPPA is meant to sharpen their practical knowledge and skills to deal with management and policy analysis issues across the spectrum of public sector activities.


The programme enables participants to develop a broad perspective and synergy to contribute towards policy formulation and governance. It also seeks to inculcate:

1. An attitude that augments efficiency and service orientation towards citizens; 2. Deepen the appreciation of basic concepts of the social sciences, Public Policy, topical issues of public administration and governance in India; 3. Analyse the factors that impact the application of policies and apply analytical skills in decision-making; 4. Design a framework for administrative reforms and good governance; and 5. Develop inter-personal skills and sensitiveness towards the needs of the people. The purpose of APPPA is to enhance the sensibilities, sensitivities and capabilities of the participants to explore innovative options and choices in public policy formulation, analysis and implementation. It enables the participants to renew their domain knowledge and sharpen administrative skills and present a total package of agriculture, economic, social, gender in development, the underprivileged and governance, political and administrative knowledge. A new stream ‘Sustainable Agriculture and Risk Management’ was introduced for the first time in 44th APPPA (2018-19) which aroused, as found out at the end of the Programme, a lot of interest amongst the participants. Apart from these, the participants were afforded opportunities to undertake Dissertation on topic of their choices to encourage innovative thinking. Another meaningful and fun-filled exercise was ‘experiential learnings’ which promoted mutual sharing of experiences, expertise and provided opportunity for peer learning. In the experiential presentations, the focus basically has been on specific situation an officer had faced at some point of time in his or her career. These presentations highlighted innovations in the internal administration or in the field, best practices in organisational leadership and project manning and implementation.

The rural, urban and foreign visits were add-ons that have generated considerable, high quality inputs from the participants in their presentations that showed quick and easy appreciation of complex micro issues. The rural and urban field engagements with state governments sensitised the participants with socio-economic realities of rural and urban areas. The villages were selected from Gujarat (Ahmedabad and Kutch), Haryana (Gurugram) and Maharashtra (Pune). On return, the participants made Presentation and submitted their rural field study reports. Likewise, Urban Field Study provided an opportunity to the participants to appreciate problems in urban administration and management and the challenges in addressing them. The participants studied various urban developmental schemes and their impact on the socio-economic conditions of the people including those below the poverty line in select areas of Delhi, Gurugram and Mysore. The study also included interaction with the functionaries of the Municipalities and other development agencies. The urban study reports were also presented at a seminar.

The foreign study tour comprised about two weeks’ visits abroad in developing and developed countries. Out of a total of 40 participants, 18 visited Spain and South Africa while 22 undertook tour to Czech Republic and USA. This endeavour rounded off the training engagement by providing a comparative perspective on governance processes domestically and globally, gave the participants an exposure to the administrative practices to draw lessons from the countries visited. On their return, the participants found that rich experience they brought with them was of immense value in terms of learning.


The participants, through their dissertations, make a substantial contribution to theory and practice of public administration and demonstrate their analytical skills in the process. They made an in-depth analysis of a specific problem and examined its ramifications. After submission of the dissertations, the participants were called upon to defend the academic work thus done before the panel of experts which comprised both internal and external experts, besides Director (IIPA), Programme Director (44th APPPA) and Programme Co-Director.

Convocation Function

The convocation of the 44th APPPA was held on April 30, 2019 when Lieutenant General Abhay Krishna, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Central Command, Lucknow was the Chief Guest during the occasion. Prof. Ashok Vishandass, Programme Director conducted the Convocation function and presented the Report of 44th APPPA Programme-detailing its contents, visits (rural, urban, foreign study and Fire Power Demonstration). It was brought out that a trip of all participants to Pokhran was organised for the first time ever to enable the participants to see for themselves India’s fire power demonstration. Another first time event was an interaction of APPPA participants with a Nobel Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi, when he delivered a very engaging lecture in January, 2019. Shri Surendra Nath Tripathi, Director, IIPA welcomed the guest as well as the participants and Shri Shekhar Dutt, Vice-President, IIPA presented the opening remarks. Hon’ble Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Chairman, IIPA and former Governor of Karnataka and Kerala, delivered the presidential address where he underscored that APPPA programme does provide an opportunity to all the participants to reflect on what they have been doing and how. While he thanked Lt Gen. Abhay Krishna for his gracious presence as the Chief Guest on the occasion, Hon’ble Shri Chaturvedi congratulated the participants of the forty-third APPPA on receiving M. Phil degrees, and the participants of forty-forth APPPA on the award of Masters Diploma in Public Administration. Lt. Gen. Abhay Krishna also congratulated the participants on being conferred the Degrees and Diplomas on 43rd and 44th APPPA participants and said that APPPA is a unique programme which draws officers from diversified Areas, viz. the three Armed Forces, All-India and other Group ‘A’ Services. He also added that normally, the Armed Forces officers do not get exposed to rigorous training on public administration which is very tough. It is only through this course that they get a fairly good insight into the prevailing work environment of the public administration. Towards the end, Dr Kusum Lata, Programme Co-Director profusely thanked one and all for making their contribution in making 44th APPPA professionally enriching.

Associational Activities


The 64th Annual Meeting of the General Body of the Institute was held on Friday, the 26th October, 2018 at 4.30 p.m. in the premises of the Institute. Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Vice President of India and President of IIPA presided over the inaugural session and Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Chairman of IIPA presided over the second part of the General Body Meeting. Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Vice President of India and President of IIPA expressed his happiness in participating in the AGM. He acknowledged that IIPA has a six decade long history of being a think tank. In his speech the Hon’ble Vice President said, “I wish to see IIPA set new ambitious goals in the next few months, benchmarking itself as one of the best institutions with similar mandate around the globe”.

Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Chairman, IIPA in his address mentioned that IIPA has been able to increase a number of activities. All the centres are fairly active and occupied. The Institute is short of the faculty and has tried to recruit and identify more qualified people who should take these responsibilities. But still the response as regards the training programmes is immense as mentioned by the Director, and this does create a problem of the faculty shortage. He expressed his admiration for the faculty, though limited one at the moment, is trying to bear the burden and much of the accomplishments go to their credit. In his opening remarks, Dr. Tishyarakshit Chatterjee, Director IIPA, shared in brief, the achievements and the strengths of the Institute for which the faculty and the staff of IIPA have worked hard. He enumerated the milestones that project the public service rendered by IIPA and its determined effort to overcome challenges of resource mobilisation.

The Meeting was attended by 184 members of the Institute against the minimum quorum of 50 members. The House approved the Proceedings of Sixty-third Annual Meeting of the General Body held on 11th October 2017, the Annual Report and the Annual Statement of Accounts for the year 2017-2018.

SIXTY-SECOND MEMBERS’ ANNUAL CONFERENCE Sixty-second Members’ Annual Conference of the Institute was held on 27th October 2018 in IIPA premises. The theme of the conference was “Role of Digital Technologies in Governance”. In his welcome address, Dr. Tishyarakshit Chatterjee, Director of IIPA, highlighted the significance of the theme. Shri Shekhar Dutt, Vice President of IIPA presided over the inaugural session of the conference. Dr. Charru Malhotra presented the theme paper in which she highlighted the concept of digital technologies in governance and cited examples of countries that incorporated and excelled through the same. She also suggested a few innovations that could be leveraged for smooth governance in India. Representatives of Regional as well as Local Branches expressed their views on the theme. Besides the discussion, papers on the theme were presented during the conference.

The Conference was attended by 141 members. Prior to holding of the Annual Conference, prelude Conferences/Seminars on the Conference Theme were organised by IIPA’s Regional/Local Branches at their respective headquarters. The recommendations and observations of the Conferences/Seminars held at Regional/Local Branches were presented at the Conference.

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Executive Council Meetings During the year, two meetings of the Executive Council were held on 20th September, 2018 and 25th October, 2018.

MEMBERSHIP During the year, the names of 28 Annual Members and three Corporate Members whose subscription falls in arrears were removed from the membership rolls of the Institute under Rule 35(1) of the Institute. 98 Life Members and one Annual Member have expired during the year.

The category-wise details of membership in tabular form are given below:

DISTINGUISHED MEMBERS OF IIPA HONOURED WITH PAUL H. APPLEBY AWARD Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, President of IIPA honoured the following members with the Paul H. Appleby Award for their distinguished services to the Institute and to the field of Public Administration at the Annual General Body Meeting held on 26th October, 2018: Dr. Vivek K. Agnihotri Prof. Upendra Baxi Prof. Nand L. Dhameja Shri Ajit Kumar Doval Dr. P.R. Dubhashi Shri S.G. Kale Shri B.S. Ojha Prof. A. Ranga Reddy Shri R.C. Tripathi


Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, President IIPA conferred Shri T.N. Chaturvedi Award for the best Article in the IJPA for the year 2017 to Dr. Amitabh Rajan for his article on “Institutional Dynamics of Governance Reform in India (1991-2016)” published in January-March 2017 issue of IJPA. Award for Excellence in Public Services IIPA, in association with IIPA Alumni Association, has instituted an Award for Excellence in Public Services. The first award was given this year in the Annual General Meeting on 26th October, 2018, which is carrying a cash award of Rs. one lakh, a citation and a plaque. This year, two organisations working in the area of public services were conferred the award : 1. Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation, Dehradun (Uttarakhand) which is working to prevent the rapid deterioration of the Himalayas as well as devising solutions for the problems of villagers by taping local resources that may open up new avenues for self-reliance. 2. Eleutheros Christian Society, Nagaland which is working in the remote areas of eastern Nagaland bordering Myanmar, in the field of health, horticulture and livelihood enhancement.

The category-wise details of membership in tabular form are given below:

Annual MembersLife MembersAssociate MembersStudent MembersCorporate Members (Annual)Corporate Members (20 years)Total
1. Membership as on 31.3.201814310,69412617156811,063
2. Members admitted during 2018-201999
3. Members removed during 2018-2019(-)28(-)39(-)10(-)2(-)1(-)80
4. Members expired during 2018-2019(-)1(-)98(-)99
Total membership as on 31.3.201911410596967136710893

REGIONAL AND LOCAL BRANCHES AND MEMBERS’ ACTIVITIES As on 31st March 2019, the total number of Regional and Local Branches of the Institute stands at 24 and 43 respectively. Name of the Regional and Local Branches and their Office Bearers, activities conducted by them and number of members attached with them during the year under review are shown at Annexure F.3.

Many activities of the Branches have also been reported in the monthly IIPA Newsletters.

A Meeting of the Office Bearers of Regional and Local Branches held on 26th October, 2018 at the IIPA was presided over by Dr. T. Chatterjee, Director of the Institute. A large number of issues pertaining to strengthening of the IIPA activities and development of Branches were discussed. The Regional and Local Branches represented at the meeting were: Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Telangana & Andhra Pradesh (Regional Branches) and Agra, Aurangabad, Bareilly, Burdwan, Cuddalore, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Howrah, Indore, Jabalpur, Kanpur, Karim Nagar, Madurai, Muzaffarpur, Nagpur, Patliputra, Puducherry, Tirupati, Tirupattur, Villupuram and Warangal (Local Branches).

The Meeting was also attended by the Faculty members of the Institute associating with the Regional Branches. A list of faculty members attached to the Regional Branches is given in Annexure F.7.

A sum of Rs.10,05,501/- was paid to the Branches during the year as financial assistance including the fifty percent of share of Interest earned on Life Membership Capital Fund for carrying out their programmes and activities. The Institute provides financial assistance of Rs.30,000/- to a Regional Branch and Rs.15,000/- to a Local Branch during a financial year for organising seminar/conference, Prelude seminar, etc. subject to the Branch (a) conducting regular elections, (b) submitting its audited statement of accounts regularly, and (c) submitting a report on its activities. Besides this, fifty percent share of interest and fifty percent share of annual membership subscription is also paid to the branches. A statement showing details of financial assistance given to Branches during the year 2018-2019 is given in Annexure F.6.

The Annual General Body meeting and Members’ Annual Conference for which Theme paper is sent to all branches, as well as publication of the IIPA Newsletter are also member-oriented activities.

Outreach Activities


The following subjects were identified for the Annual Essay Prize Competition, 2018: 1. Right to Public Services provided by the State Government – Comparative Study of State Laws and need for a Parliamentary Enactment 2. NPA in Banks Affecting the Development of India 3. Urban Planning in India: Developing an Integrated Approach

Out of 159 essays received, one essay did not comply with the condition laid down for the competition. Only 158 essays (154 in English and 4 in Hindi) were evaluated by a Committee of Judges comprising Prof. K.K. Pandey, Prof. Geethanjali Nataraj and Dr. Sapna Chadah.

Shri T.N. Chaturvedihanded out the prizes to the five winners of IIPA’s Annual Essay Prize Competition 2018: one first prize of Rs. 10,000 to Ms. S. Divya, Vellore, T.N. for her entry on “Urban Planning in India: Developing an Integrated Approach”, two second prizes of Rs. 7000 to Shri Hemant Pandey, Meerut, UP and Shri Supriyo Ranjan Mahapatra, Trichy, TN for their entries on “Right to Public Services provided by the State Government– Comparative Study of State Laws and need for a Parliamentary Enactment” and “NPA in Banks Affecting the Development of India” respectively. Two third prizes of Rs. 5000 to Ms. Anisha Agarwal, Pune and Mr. Prabhat Sunil Mhaske, Pune for their entries on “NPA in Banks Affecting the Development of India” and “Right to Public Services provided by the State Government– Comparative Study of State Laws and need for a Parliamentary Enactment” respectively.


The Institute organises an Annual Case Study Award Competition for promoting Case Studies of high quality which could be utilised for format learning through teaching/training or for self-learning. For 2018-19 all the eight Case Studies received, were evaluated by an Expert Panel. All Case Studies were in English and prizes were awarded at the Annual General Body Meeting held on October 26, 2018. The Panel did not find any Case Study suitable for the first prize of Rs. 10,000. The second prize of Rs. 6000 was given to Ms. Divya Singhal for her entry entitled “Despite all odds the truth alone triumphs” and the third prize of Rs. 4,000 was awarded to two entries Ms. Jayashri T. Birdavade for their entry entitled “The Role and Responsibility of Politicians, Administrators and Civilians: A Case Study of Waste Management in Aurangabad (AMC) and Ms. Priya Sharma for their entry entitled“The Jack, The Jockey and The Celebrity”.


The Institute has its own Hostel complex located in the Campus which provides boarding and lodging to participants of the training programmes including the APPPA, its outstation members, guests, bonafide research scholars and officers of educational institutions and Government departments. The Hostel has 89 rooms and eight APPPA family suites. All the Hostel rooms have ACs, attached baths, toilets and cable TVs.”


During the year 2018-19, the Institute’s income was Rs.39.07 crore, as against the expenditure of Rs.38.27 crore. Out of the total income or Rs.39.07 crore, the Institute had received Grant-in-aid Salary/General of Rs.17.74 crore (including the 7th CPC Arrears) from the government.

Thus, after adjusting the cumulative deficit of Rs. 50.79 lakh brought forward from the previous year, the surplus as per Schedule A at the end of the year is Rs.29.04 lakh.

The total income from internal resources during the year was Rs. 21.33 crore as against Rs. 20.69 crore in the previous year. The receipts of Rs. 21.33 crore mainly comprised Training Fee (Rs. 16.79 crore), net income from Research assignments (Rs. 2.01 crore), User Charges (Rs. 2.10 crore), Sale of Publications (Rs. 4.36 lakh), etc. Out of the total payments of Rs. 38.27 crore, the Institute’s Pay and Allowance was Rs.19.08 crore (including Pension / 7th CPC Arrears). The other major items of expenditure were Campus Maintenance (Rs.3.22 crore), Administrative and Miscellaneous expenses (Rs.71.51 lakh), Training Programmes (Rs.14.63 crore).

The Institute also received a Grant-in-aid (Capital) of Rs.300.00 lakh from the Government for implementation of various activities of Capital nature, against which total expenditure of Rs.300.00 lakh was incurred. The main items of expenditure were ICT activities (Rs.7.20 lakh), Library and Publication (Rs.7.03 lakh), Strengthening of Regional/Local Branches (Rs. 6.00 lakh), Infrastructure development work/Renovation work (Rs.279.77 lakh). The Institute’s detailed financial position is given in the Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account.

Important Events

SEMINARS/CONFERENCE/WORKSHOPS/LECTURES The Institute organised the following seminars/conferences/lectures during the year: Two-day National Seminar on Poverty and Social Exclusion: A Life- Course Perspective

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice, Indian Institute of Public Administration in collaboration with Lokashraya Foundation and TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi organised a two-day national seminar on Poverty and Social Exclusion: A Life-Course Perspective from April 12-13, 2018. The seminar was organised around the life course perspective and was inaugurated by Shri Chetanya Kumar Kashyap, Vice Chairman, Madhya Pradesh State Planning Commission, Member of Legislative Assembly, Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh and Chairman, Lokashraya Foundation, New Delhi. In his inaugural address, he shared the experience of ‘Ahimsa Gram’, a unique initiative undertaken by him. ‘Ahimsa Gram’ is a composite and Integrated Residential Cluster of hundred houses distributed free of cost to the disadvantaged households of Ratlam. It is a model project encompassing five key elements—housing, livelihood, education, health facilities and culture. Shri D. P. Majhi, Director, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation graced the occasion. Dr. C. Sheela Reddy, Chair Professor welcomed the guests and presented the theme of the Seminar.

64th Founders’ Day Lecture

64th Founders’ Day lecture on the theme of “Role of Executive in Democracy” was organised on May 31, 2018. Hon’ble Justice Shri R. C Lahoti, former Chief Justice of India was invited as the Chief Guest. Shri Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar, IIPA presented the introductory remarks and welcomed the guests. In his welcome address, Dr. Tishyarakshit Chatterjee, Director of IIPA stated that starting with the Masters Degree Programme in IIPA, the Institute has successfully grown into one of professional mid-career training, research and consulting centres, reinforcing a service orientation among officer participants. He also observed that the visionary tenets of our founders and their colleagues of the early years remain relevant even after 64 years. Vice-President of IIPA, Shri Shekhar Dutt also addressed the audience. In his presidential address, Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Chairman of IIPA, emphasised that it is necessary that we always look and re-look at this particular role of the Executive, whether it is in positive terms or in negative terms or it is due to indifference or due to negligence, the citizen ought not to suffer. The Chief Guest of the event, Shri Lahotiji in his insightful lecture emphasised on the doctrine of separation of powers and the principle of balancing of powers. He also observed that neither the Legislature nor the Judiciary but the Executive which has an edge over the other wings of governance and it is only the Executive which comes in day-to-day live contact with the people whom the laws are meant to serve. During the programme the Hon’ble Justice Lahotiji released the following publications: (i) Data Science Landscape by Usha Mujoo Munshi and Neeta Verma, (ii) Panchayati Raj and Women Empowerment by Nupur Tiwary (iii) I.T. Act: Policies, Guidelines and Regulatory Framework for e-Governance by Charru Malhotra. The new IIPA brochure was also released during the occasion. Shri Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar of IIPA, coordinated the programme.

Smart Village Conclave 2018

Indian Institute of Public Administration with Indian Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), Ministry of Commerce and Exhibition Group of India organised a Smart Village Conclave under the ‘One Mega Event’ programme at Pragati Maidan on May 25, 2018. The theme of the conclave “Making of Smart Villages for Sustainable Future” was aimed at contributing to the practice of developing attractive, safe and smart settlements that evoke pride, passion and a sense of belonging among citizens. Hon’ble Minister of State Sh. Ram KripalYadav graced the event as the Chief Guest. Sh. Shekhar Dutt, Vice-President, IIPA; Dr. N.C. Saxena, Advisor-UNDP and Dr. T. Chatterjee, Director, IIPA, spoke on the various aspects and perspectives on the subject within the context of a much-needed empowerment of rural India. Sh. Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar IIPA chaired a session of ‘Smart Village’ conclave within the event. The event was conceived and coordinated by Dr. Charru Malhotra.

National Consultation on ‘Making Agriculture Sustainable and Profitable

The Institute organised a National Consultation on ‘Making Agriculture Sustainable and Profitable’ from June 21-22, 2018 at Pune. The event was inaugurated by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Vice President of India and President of IIPA. Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Parshottam Khodabhai Rupala, Hon’ble Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri Sharad Pawar, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, besides senior Government officials, academia and the private sector attended the event. Two days’ intense consultation deliberated upon key issues relating to farmers’ welfare. Recommendations were made to bring about a qualitative and positive change in the lives of the farmers of India and fine tune the existing policies and programmes to enhance farmers’ incomes. Several far reaching recommendations in the six themes (i) Creating an enabling policy framework, (ii) Intensification of farming, diversification to high value agriculture and supplementation of income through allied activities, (iii) Marketing and agri-logistics, (iv) Agricultural trade policy, (v). Transfer of Technology: Labs to Land, and (vi) Agriculture insurance and credit were made during the conference which assumed greater relevance in the context of the commitment of the Union Government to double farmers’ incomes by 2022. Prof Ashok Vishandass coordinated the programme along with Dr. T. Chatterjee, Director IIPA, Shri Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar IIPA and Shri Mithun Barua, Deputy Registrar.

Workshop for Digital India Training of Trainers (ToTs)

The three days’ Workshop on “Brainstorming and Way forward for Digital India: Training of Trainers (ToTs)” was organised from July 05-07, 2018 for the Joint Director, Assistant Professor, Faculty Member, Programme Assistant and technical Specialist from nine ATIs. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Technology. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Charru Malhotra.

Workshop on Gender Equality

One day workshop on “Gender Equality at Workplace” was organised on September 7, 2018. The programme was sponsored by the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India. Dr. Neetu Jain and Dr. Amit Kumar Singh coordinated the programme.

Third Dr. Rakesh Hooja Memorial Lecture

The third Dr. Rakesh Hooja Memorial Lecture was organised on November 22, 2017 in IIPA. Prof. Dinesh K. Marothia, Member (Non-official), State Planning Commission, Chhattisgarh and President, National Institute of Ecology was the keynote speaker on “Governance for Water Security in 21st Century”. IIPA Chairman, Shri T.N. Chaturvedi gave the Presidential remarks. Shri Shekhar Dutt, Vice President, IIPA and Dr. T. Chatterjee, Director, IIPA graced the event with their presence. Prof. C. Sheela Reddy, Chair Professor, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice proposed the closing remarks and proposed the vote of thanks.

FIfth Professor S. Saroja Memorial Lecture

The fifth Professor S. Saroja Memorial Lecture was organised on December 14, 2018 on the topic—Role of Women in Strengthening Indian Democracy. Dr. Ranjana Kumari, Director, Centre for Social Research, New Delhi, delivered the lecture. In her interesting and insightful lecture, Dr. Kumari stressed on the aspect of equality in democracy and how the proponents of democracy have been arguing for providing equal opportunities for women and other disadvantaged and marginalised groups to strengthen India’s democratic system and provide a level playing field to all women. Mr. Subramanian Mahadevan, son of Prof. S. Saroja shared memories of his mother and thanked IIPA for organising the lecture and institutionalising it. Shri Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar, IIPA welcomed the audience including the participants of 44th APPPA. Prof. Geethanjali Nataraj introduced the Chief Guest, coordinated the event, and proposed the vote of thanks.

Workshop on Federal System and Public Personnel Matters

A high-level workshop on Federal System and Public Personnel Matters was organised on December 19, 2018. It was sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The workshop saw the presence of Nepalese delegation-led by Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration of Nepal, Mr. Lal Babu Pandit. The objective of the workshop was to understand the nature and functioning of India’s federal system and comprehend the relevant aspects of public personnel management. The programme was coordinated by Prof. K. K. Pandey and Prof. C. Sheela Reddy.

National Seminar on Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)

Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) is being implemented by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MoDWS) for urban and rural areas respectively. In order to accelerate the process of sanitation promotion, MoDWS along with UNICEF and other partners have developed the National Sanitation and Hygiene Advocacy and Communication Strategy Framework for 2012-17. It focuses on four critical sanitation and hygiene behaviours such as: building and use of toilets; safe disposal of child faeces; hand washing with soap after defecation; safe storage and handling of drinking water. Swachh Vidyalaya is the national campaign driving ‘Clean India: Clean Schools’. A key feature of the campaign is to ensure that every school in India has a set of functioning and well-maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. Injecting a major booster to the SBM, the World Bank has recently cleared a $1.5-billion loan to assist the government’s efforts to end the practice of open defecation by 2019. In view of the above, Indian Institute of Public Administration organised a national seminar, sponsored by the Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi. The two-day national seminar, held on February 16-17, aimed to bring together leading social scientists, policy-makers, senior experts and professionals, research scholars, and civil society practitioners to deliberate on the concepts and approaches to public health and sanitation; sanitation and behavioural change; critical review of the policies and programmes of Government of India towards achieving Swachh Bharat (Clean India); assessing the role of the stakeholders in the sanitation sector. The seminar also focused on the sustainability, replicability and convergence aspects of the programme and elicit innovations (involvement of PRIs, NGOs, women self-help groups) in the areas of rural sanitation and solid and liquid waste management in urban India. The programme stressed mainly on the following themes: (i) Concepts and Approaches to Public Health and Sanitation; (ii) Sanitation and Social Change in India; and (iii) Best Practices in Sanitation.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi organised a memorial lecture on “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: Intellectual Colossus and Great National Leader” on January 30. Prof. Narendra Jadhav, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and former Vice-Chancellor of Pune University, delivered the lecture. In his lecture, Dr. Jadhav highlighted Ambedkar’s multi-faceted personality as an economist, prolific writer, national leader, architect of the Indian Constitution, and champion of human rights. He comprehensively touched upon the different facets of thought and philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and paid a tribute to his timeless legacy. Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Chairman of IIPA, in his presidential remarks referring to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as a towering personality and a great national leader appreciated the highly educative, informative and analytical lecture of Dr. Jadhav. Dr. Tishyarakshit Chatterjee, Director of IIPA, gave the opening remarks and reinforced the view of Dr. Ambedkar in ensuring social democracy which alone can guarantee one-man-one-value. Prof. C. Sheela Reddy, welcomed the guests, briefed about the Chair and its activities and finally proposed vote of thanks at the end of the event.

Seminar on Integrating Agricultural Workers into SDGs.

Dr. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice, IIPA organised a two-day national seminar on ‘Integrating Agricultural Workers into Sustainable Development Goals’ from March 14-15, 2019.

The seminar was sponsored by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. The seminar was an attempt to discuss various issues pertaining to agriculture workers. Prof. Praveen Jha, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University delivered the keynote address. In his insightful address, Prof. Jha highlighted the significance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in terms of their reach and depth and discussed the conceptual issues relating to them. Shri Shekhar Dutt, Vice President, IIPA and Former Governor of Chhattisgarh accentuated the need to transform the entire environment for the farmers. Ms. Rashmi Chowdhary, Member Secretary, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment graced the inaugural session of the seminar. Shri D. P. Majhi, Director, Dr. Ambedkar Foundation was also present during the occasion. Shri T. N. Chaturvedi in his presidential address endorsed the vital significance of the subject. Dr. C. Sheela Reddy, Chair Professor, Dr. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice briefed about the chair’s activities and sketched the terrain and contours of the theme of the seminar. She also proposed the vote of thanks and coordinated the seminar.

10th Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture

Dr. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice, IIPA organised 10th Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture on the theme, ‘Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Philosophy of Constitutionalism as an Instrument of Justice, social, economic and political’ on March 28, 2019. Shri Balmiki Prasad Singh, former Governor of Sikkim and Union Home Secretary delivered the lecture. He highlighted the importance of constitutionalism and constitutional morality, the ethical dimension of democracy, i.e. abiding by the spirit of the constitution and not just its legal provisions. Shri T. N. Chaturvedi, Chairman, IIPA, former Governor of Karnataka and Kerala in his presidential remarks elaborated the uniqueness of Dr. Ambedkar’s personality and philosophy. Shri Shekhar Dutt, Vice President, IIPA and former Governor of Chhattisgarh presented the opening remarks. The Director of Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Shri D. P. Majhi briefed about the scheme. Dr. C. Sheela Reddy, Chair Professor welcomed the august gathering and proposed vote of thanks. The publication of the Memorial Lecture on ‘Inclusive Governance and Social Justice’ delivered by Shri K. R. Venugopal, IAS (Retd.), former Secretary to the Prime Minister of India and Special Rapporteur, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on March 10, 2014 was released during the event.

Tribal Women’s Day

The Centre of Excellence for Tribal Affairs (COTREX), IIPA organised the Tribal Women’s Day on March 8, 2019. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. Ms Anusuiya Uikey, Vice Chairperson of National Commission for Scheduled Tribes was felicitated during the event. The other dignitaries present were Shri B.K Chaturvedi, former Cabinet Secretary, Shri Shekhar Dutt, former Governor of Chhattisgarh & Vice President, IIPA, Shri Bala Prasad, former Special Secretary MoPR, Ms. Manju Kak, All India Women’s Conference. Dr. Nupur Tiwary, Head, COTREX coordinated the programme.

Seminar on Impact of Violence in Red Corridor on Tribal Development and Traditions

The Centre of Excellence for Tribal Affairs (COTREX) organised a two-day national seminar on Impact of Violence in Red Corridor on Tribal Development and Traditions from March 11-12, 2019. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. About 10 reviewed papers on various topics were presented during the seminar. Dignitaries like Prof. M. P. Singh, University of Delhi formerly, Dr. George Mathew from Institute of Social Sciences chaired the sessions. Dr. Nupur Tiwary coordinated the programme.


The Indian Institute of Public Administration hosted a high profile delegation of six members from Beijing Administration Institute of the People’s Republic of China (BAI) on May 14, 2018. The Chinese delegation was led by Mr. Wang Minzhong, Executive Vice-President, BAI. He was accompanied by administrative personnel and faculty members. BAI which is directly under the Beijing Municipal Government is an important institute to train junior and senior civil servants, administrators, and scholars. Dr. T. Chatterjee, Director, IIPA and Mr. Wang Minzhong exchanged mutual academic experiences and future collaboration. The Director also welcomed the other members of the delegation. Dr. Chatterjee made a presentation, where he shared a brief history along with the present activities of the institute. On behalf of BAI, Mr. Minzhong presented a brief about their institute, along with an introduction of five departments, viz. (i) Teaching, (ii) Research, (iii) Consultation, (iv) Assistance and (v) Administrative Departments and activities undertaken by each. Both IIPA and BAI, in their respective presentations, emphasised on the areas of possible future mutual collaboration. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Roma Debnath.

Academic Centres/ Chairs

The Academic Centres, each comprising a group of faculty members with interest, experience and expertise in the concerned area of study, meet from time-to-time to (a) prepare an annual plan of work in their respective areas of research and training, and periodical review thereon; (b) discuss, coordinate and review individual plans of action; (c) act as a forum for academic interaction and professional development of members; and (d) coordinate with other academic groups in promoting inter-disciplinary activities. Each Centre elects its Coordinator for a period of two years (except for Centre for Consumer Studies, Centre for Urban Studies and Centre for Learning in ICT and e-Governance where the Director nominates Coordinators). Normally a faculty member is expected to become a member of three of the 09 Centres at IIPA. Each Academic Centre has to search for funding for its activities since due to tight financial position, IIPA cannot spare its own funds for such activities. The membership composition of the Academic Centres as on March 31, 2019 is shown at Annexure F. 4.

An account of the academic contribution of various IIPA Faculty (other than training and research conducted within IIPA) is given at Annexure F. 5.

CENTRE FOR URBAN STUDIES As per Annexure F. 10. CENTRE FOR CONSUMER STUDIES As per Annexure F. 11. Centre for Climate Change, Environment and Drought Administration

On-going Projects
  • Capacity Building Strategies for Managing Complex Disasters in the face of Climate Change sponsored by National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS), MoEF&CC Financial Budget: Amount :Eighty One Lakh Sixty Thousand only.
  • Human capacity building programmes under National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change (NMSKCC) of Department of Science &Technology Strategic Programmes, Large Initiatives and Coordinated Action Enabler (SPLICE) Division Climate Change Programme (CCP). Amount : One Crore Ten Lakh Sixty Two Thousand only.
  • Secure Himalayas—Assessing capacities for biodiversity conservation and Framework Development in Sikkim sponsored by UNDP Amount: Fifty Six Lakh
  • AI-SOCD Seed Grant, the committee undertook a project titled “Health and Environmental Vulnerability of Smallholder Rice Farmers to Extreme Climate: A Comparison Study on Agroecology and Conventional Farm”. Amount : 15,000 USD.
Workshops/Training Conducted in 2018-19
  • Water Quality Management Plan”. IIPA, Delhi, 27th-29th August, 2018 sponsored by CPCB.
  • Two-week Faculty Development Programme “Climate Smart Governance” sponsored by DST, Government of India, 25 June-6 July, 2018 sponsored by DST.
  • Water Quality Monitoring Instrumentation, Analysis and Interpretation (June 25-27, 2018) sponsored by CPCB.
  • Training Programme on Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Laboratory Analysis (October 22-24, 2018) sponsored by CPCB.
  • 18th Foundation Training Programme For Scientists and Technologists (December 2018-25 January 2019).
  • 13th Capacity Building Programme for Technical Personnel of Science & Technology Department, Government of India, February 04-15, 2019, sponsored by DST.
  • ITEC programme on Climate Smart Governance 19-30 November, 2018 sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs.
  • One-week Blended Capacity Building Programme “Climate Smart Governance 29th January-1st February, 2018 sponsored by DST.
  • State Level Workshop on GLOF and Forest Fire in Sikkim, 8 and 9 May, 2018, sponsored by NMHS and MoEF&CC.
  • One-Day Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction Day in Sikkim,18 September, 2018 sponsored by NMHS and MoEF&CC.
16 Indian Institute of Public Administration
  • Capacity Building Programme in South and East Districts of Sikkim on 29 and 30 October, 2018 sponsored by NMHS and MoEF&CC.
  • Training Programme for Scientists and Technologists of senior scientists on ‘Science Technology and Emerging Trends in Governance’, sponsored by DST, GoI, 18 Feb-02 March, 2019.
  • Blended Capacity Building Programme “Climate Smart Governance”, 12th-16th March, 2019 sponsored by DST.
  • Training-cum-Policy Workshop and Maghey Mela 11-14 January, 2019, Gangtok and Jorethang, Sikkim sponsored by NMHS and MoEF&CC.
The Centre has organised the following Training Programmes for officers:
  • APPPA Core Stream, Green Federalism, environment and Sustainable development sponsored by DoPT.
  • APPPA Elective Stream Disaster Risk Reduction sponsored by DoPT.
  • Surface cleaning of Ganga Ghats sponsored by MoWR & Ganga Rejuvenation.
  • Hands on training on Ganga Gyan Dhara Web Portal sponsored by MoWR & Ganga Rejuvenation.
  • Mid-Career Interaction between Armed Forces and Civil Services Officers of Government of India in Disaster Management as per DoPT norms.
  • Mid-Career Interaction between Armed Forces and Civil Services Officers of Government of India in Environmental scan as per DoPT norms.
  • Climate Change Adaptations with Emphasis on water sector sponsored by NIDM
Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars:
  • Participated to establish MoU with Chinese Academy of Governance for faculty exchange and organise training programme beneficial for both the countries.
  • “Best Practices of Sustainability Benchmarking of Energy and Carbon”, 5th International Symposium on Fusion of Science and Technology, New Delhi.
  • “Waste Policy and Management”, International Conference on Waste Management Innovation: Research Learning and Propagation.
  • Participated in Consultative Meet for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience, Sikkim.
  • Presented keynote address in Bihar State Disaster Management Authority consultative meet to brainstorm issues on Climate Change and Water related issues.
  • Keynote speaker delivered a talk on “Challenges for Open Defecation Sewage and Water Contamination”.
  • India and Sustainability Standards: International Dialogue and Conference 2015.
  • Panelist in “Hum Log: Pollution Servers Cancers in India”.
  • Member of Policy Research Committee of Indian Council of Forestry Research And Education, an autonomous body under MoEF&CC.
  • Guest of Honour and Lead Speaker at India and Sustainability Standards: International Dialogues and Conference 2015, New Delhi for the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a global partnership to promote responsible use of freshwater.
Report/Books published:
  • Report on Collection and Computerisation of Legacy Data of Ganga , Phase I.
  • Report on Mid – Term Evaluation of Preparation of Upgraded Earthquake Maps.
  • Report on Mid – Term Evaluation of Evaluation Soil Piping in Highland and Foothills of Kerala to avoid Disaster.
Details of Papers Published in Peer-reviewed Journals/books
  • “Status of Tannery Effluent in Ganga River Basin”, published in Water and Energy International, Vol. 58, No. 7, Oct. 2015, pp. 47-52, Dr. Shyamli Singh.
Annual Report 17
  • “Climate Change and Food Security: Challenges and Prospects”, chapter published in book entitled Food Security and Food Production, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015, pp. 155-166. Dr. Shyamli Singh.
  • “Tale of Two Entrepreneurs”, chapter published in Promoting Socio-Economic Development through Business Integration published by IGI Global, 2015, pp. 89-111 Shyamli Singh and Dr. Roma Debnath.
The activities organised by the members of the centre have been reported individually in their contribution.
The activities organised by the members of the centre have been reported individualy in their contribution.
The Centre has been in forefront of organising the various training programmes under the ‘Digital India’ Project as well as its related Research work. It provides all the necessary infrastructure and support for other IT related training and lab facilities. This Centre does all the procurement and maintenance of IT related hardware and software for the whole IIPA including all the Centres like CUS, CCS etc. It is responsible for the development of IIPA website as well as maintenance of the servers and hoisting of the data. All other activities organised by the members of this centre have been reported individually in their contribution.
The activities organised by the members of the centre have been reported individually in their contribution.
The activities organised by the members of the centre have been reported individually in their contribution.
(i) Training Programmes
Sl. No.Name of CourseDurationCoordinatorsRemarks
1.International Training Programme on Project Management for Public Works Sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs3 WeeksPawan K. Taneja Roma Debnath37 Professionals from 29 Countries
2.International Training Programme on Global Strategic Leadership for Growth And Sustainable Development Sponsored by Ministry of External AffairsNovember 26 to December 21, 2018 (4 Weeks)Pawan K. Taneja Roma Debnath35 Professionals from 33 Countries
3.International Training Programme on Strategic Financial & Risk Management Sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs2 WeeksPawan K. Taneja Roma Debnath23 Professionals from 18 Countries
4.7th Financial Management Programme for Scientists & Technologists Sponsored by Department of Science & Technology1 WeekPawan K. Taneja26 Professionals including 20 Senior Scientists and 6 Technologists from ICAR, ISRO, DRDO, DST, ICMR, IMD etc.
5Leadership and other enablers for business excellence, Sponsored by Department of Public Enterprises8-12 Oct., 2018 (One Week)Neetu Jain42 Officers from various PSUs
Details of Papers Published in Peer-reviewed Journals/books
18 Indian Institute of Public Administration
Sl. No.Name of CourseDurationCoordinatorsRemarks
6.7th Advanced Leadership programme for Senior Public Sector ExecutivesOne MonthNeetu Jain Sachin Chowdhry14 Participants from PSUs
(ii) Research Projects Completed
Sl. No.NameSponsored byStudy TeamStatus
1.Third Party Audit of Eight Autonomous Hospitals of Government of NCT of DelhiMinistry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of NCT of DelhiDr. Pawan K. Taneja Dr. K. K. Pandey Dr. Sachin ChowdhryFinal Report Submitted Final installment is Awaited
2.Evaluation of Quality Council of India for AccreditationMinistry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, GOIDr. Pawan K. Taneja Dr. Roma DebnathFinal Report Submitted and all payment Received
(iii) On-going Research Projects
Sl. No.NameSponsored byStudy TeamStatus
1.Policy Paper and Book on “Assuring SOEs Joint Ventures Success: Select Case Studies from IndiaDepartment of Public Enterprises, Government of IndiaDr. Pawan K. Taneja Dr. Roma DebnathSecond Draft under Process
2.Evaluation of Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha YojanaMinistry of Health and Family WelfareDr. Pawan K. Taneja Dr. Girish KumarDraft Report under Preparation
3.Impact Assessment Study of ‘Project for Employment Oriented Training and Skill Development Programme for SC/ST/OBC/Women & EWSPower Finance Corporation LimitedDr. Pawan K. Taneja Dr. Roma DebnathLetter of Allocation Received
4.Evaluation of the Scheme of Counselling, Retraining and Redeployment (CRR) for separated employees of CPSEs by the Third Party Assessment Agency (TPAA).Department of Public EnterprisesDr. Roma Debnath Dr. Anupam SarkarDraft Report Under Discussion
(i) Research/ Evaluation Studies
Sl. No.Name of the Research Work/ ProjectName of the person in-chargeWhether long term or short Work/ Project
1.The Impact of Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme of Dr. Ambedkar Foundation on the lives of prospective beneficiaries”Dr. C. Sheela ReddyShort Term (On-going)
2Evaluation of the Schemes of National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC)Dr. C. Sheela ReddyShort Term (On-going)
Annual Report 19
(ii) Research Studies through Students (M Phil/LLM/P (please indicate the student wise subject on which research work was undertaken. Also indicate the number of SC/OBC and other students)
Sl. No.Name of the Research Study (Research findings are to be submitted to the Foundation after completion of the study)Name of the Student/ ScholarName of the SupervisorRemarks
1.B.R.Ambedkar’s Vision on Women Empowerment in IndiaDr. Sangh Mittra, Retd. Dy. Director (Research), ICHRProf. C. Sheela ReddyICSSR Fellow attached to the Chair
2.Low Penetration of Life Insurance in India: An Analytical StudyCaptain Ravinder Sud, INProf. C. Sheela ReddyA participant in the 10-month Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA 2018-19)
(iii) Teaching/ Training Handled a stream entitled, ‘Social Justice: Equity and Harmony’ in the ten months’ flagship programme of IIPA, Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA) sponsored by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Government of India. The participants to the programme were officers from All India Services, Central Services and Defence Services. The stream on ‘Social Justice: Equity and Harmony’, as a part of the activity of the Chair was to sensitise the officer trainees to the issues concerning the theme, ‘social justice’ and disseminate the ideas, philosophy and thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar. As a part of the stream, the officer trainees visited Dr. Ambedkar Memorial in the month of December, 2018. (iv) Seminar(s)/ Workshop(s)/ Symposia organised
Sl. No.DateVenueTheme of the Seminar/ Workshop/ SymposiumNumber of Participants expectedDetails of the proceedings of the workshop (copies to be submitted to the Foundation after the event)
1April 12-13, 2018IIPATwo-Day National Seminar on ‘Poverty and Social Exclusion: A Life Course Perspective’70-80Publication in the process
2March 14-15, 2019IIPATwo-Day National Seminar on ‘Integrating Agricultural Workers into Sustainable Development Goals’60Will be published
(v) Books/ Articles/ Journals published
Sl. No.Title of the Book/ Article/ Journal (copies to be submitted in due course)Name of the Author(s)/ Contributor(s)Name of the Publisher and Target date/ month of publication
1.Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture on ‘Inclusive Governance and Social Justice’Edited by Prof. C. Sheela ReddyIIPA, March 2019
2.Women’s Rights in India: Dr. Ambedkar’s PerspectiveProf. C. Sheela ReddyBihar Journal of Public Administration (A Bi-annual Refereed Research Journal of IIPA Bihar Regional Branch, Patna), Vol. XV, No.1, January-June, 2018
20 Indian Institute of Public Administration (vi) Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Organised
Sl. No.DateVenueTheme of the Seminar/ Workshop/ SymposiumNumber of Participants expectedDetails of Papers to be presented (copies to be submitted to the Foundation after the event)
1.March 28, 2019IIPAMemorial Lecture on ‘Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Philosophy of Constitutionalism as Instrument of Justice, Social, Economic and Political’ delivered by Shri B. P. Singh, Former Governor of Sikkim100A brief report of the memorial lecture shared with the Foundation and the published lecture will be shared subsequently
(vii) Awareness/ Extension/ Training Programme(s) proposed to be organized
Sl. No.DateDetails of ProgrammePlace of the ProgrammeNo. of ParticipantsAchievement Expected
1.May 05, 2018Samajik Nyay DiwasAnna Nagar, ITO200Awareness and Sensitisation
(viii) Discussions/ Dialogues to be held
Sl. No.DateTopic of Discussion/ Dialogue ProposedNo. of Participants
1.November 03, 2018Book Discussion on Dr. Ambedkar’s ‘State and Minorities’25
CENTRE OF TRIBAL RESEARCH AND EXPLORATION (COTREX) (A Centre of Excellence (CoE) under Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India)
  1. Training Programmes for TRIs
One of the major objectives of the Centre is to provide and organise suitable training to the Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs) and to the personnel engaged in tribal welfare programmes through a systematic training. These trainings will be a regular feature of the Centre.
S. No.ActivityDeliverables
1.TOT for the preparation of standardised training module for TRIs• Training based on standardised approach • Instruction method to be revamped • Identification of issues, complete module and session plan to be designed, • Training material, manuals to be developed. • This will serve as standardised tools for training programmes for TRIs. • These will further include: – Trainer Guides, supporting documents and Hand-outs – Information Education and Communication (IEC) material (flipbooks, charts etc.) • Feedback form has to be standardised • Training calendar has to be developed • TNA on PESA, FRA and MFP
2.Documentation of basic research and training Data of TRIs during the last five years
Annual Report 21
  1. Qualitative Action-Oriented and Policy Research on Tribal Communities
The centre will serve as the apex body for policy research in order to gauge the impact/ outcomes and challenges of the different policies and schemes of the government. With the establishment of the centre a short-term study will commence immediately on one of the two topics-
Sl. No.ActivityDeliverables
1.Documentation of the State of Art of the Research on Tribal Affairs in India• The deliverables of the research study are as follows: • The research study will be published in the form of a Report. • Supporting documents along with report: – Raw and Clean Data – PowerPoint Presentation – Transcripts from discussions, etc.
2.Documentation of the Impact of various Government Acts such as PESA, FRA, on Tribal culture*
3Women’s rights in fifth and sixth scheduled areas*
  1. Workshop/Seminar
The Workshop/Seminar will be a public event which will bring together all policy experts, academics, research students to come together and share ideas about the issues facing the Tribal communities. The centre will conduct one Workshop/Seminar.
Sl. No.ActivityDeliverables
1.Developmental Challenges in Tribal Areas; pertaining to government schemes and social safety nets*The proceedings of the Workshop/seminar will be published as a Monograph and will be widely circulated.
2.Land rights and Tribal rights Act*
3.Impact of violence in the red corridor on tribal traditions
  1. Panel Discussions
The centre will conduct one/ two Panel Discussions with the aim to gather experts in the field. The interaction will be about a specific contemporary issue pertaining to the Tribal communities. The proceedings of the event will also be published as a report by IIPA and will further be disseminated to relevant stakeholders.
Sl. No.ActivityDeliverables
1.Building a platform for dialogue between different agencies for Tribal DevelopmentThe proceedings of the Talk/ Panel Discussion will be published as a Monograph and will be widely circulated.
2.Discussion on the growth of tribal Intellectuals*
  1. Awareness Camp
The centre proposes to conduct awareness camps at a suitable location with tribal population on topics related to basic minimum needs of people. These will be: *The topics/subject matter will be decided in tandem with the MoTA 22 Indian Institute of Public Administration
Sl. No.ActivityDeliverables
1.Workshop and Awareness Camp1 Health (i) Primary Health (ii) Pre-Natal, Post-Natal Health (iii) Maternal Health (iv) Drinking Water and Sanitation• Module and guide for IEC Material • New and relevant IEC material which does not exist (as Govt. already publishes IEC material for health awareness) • Supporting Material and documents for the facilitator of the Awareness Camp • Feedback forms in order to see if the awareness camp was effective or not
2.Various Acts & Rules viz., The Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006, The Scheduled Castes and The Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act,1989; National Policy for the Empowerment of Women 2001; National Commission for Women Act,1990; Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Forest Conservation Act, 1980;Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas)Act, 1996; National Rural Employment Guarantee Act; and other relevant acts and rules*
  1. Publications
Sl. No.ActivityDeliverables
1.Newsletter on Tribal Affairs• To disseminate information and to create awareness related to contemporary tribal issues • To keep abreast with the recent policy development and for documentation of crucial information.
2.Handbook2• Dissemination of various enactments/ regulations on money lending / debt redemption etc. meant for STs. • Or any other theme as follows:- 1. On various Acts and Rules viz., 2. The Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006, 3. The Scheduled Castes and The Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities) Act,1989; 4. National Policy for the Empowerment of Women (2001); 5. National Commission for Women Act,1990; 6. Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act,2005, Forest Conservation Act, 1980; 7. Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas)Act, 1996; 8. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act; and other relevant acts and rules.
3.Systematic Training Module• The centre will also be publishing standard training modules (as mentioned above) which will aid in the training of TRIs.
4.Monograph• A monograph based on the Workshop/Seminar and Talk/Panel discussion will be published and shared with the stakeholders.
5.Report• The research study on the aforementioned topic will be published in the form of a Report
  1. Consortium for Knowledge Sharing (For centres which specialise in Tribal Affairs; both academic and policy oriented in nature)
There are certain specialised centres which work on tribal research in India. While most of the centres at universities are aimed at adding at academic knowledge, some of them also work in policy and practice area. By building a consortium for knowledge sharing, the platform will help practitioners in sharing their knowledge with academics and vice versa. This exchange will be helpful in further policy making.

Administrative Personnel Matters

Implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) for the employees and pensioners of IIPA

Department of Personnel and Training vide their OM No.17014/07/2017-Trg. (Misc) dated 29.11.2018 approved the proposal of IIPA for adopting and implementing the revised pay scales as recommended by 7th CPC for its employees and pensioners w.e.f. 1.1. 2016. Revised salary as recommended by 7th CPC, in case of Staff as per Central Government Pay Scales and Faculty/Library officers/Sr. Administrative officers as per Ministry of HRD Pay Scales, was implemented w.e.f the salary of December 2018 and pension implemented w.e.f the pension of January 2019. On receipt of arrear grant from DoPT, arrears of Salary, Gratuity, Leave Encashment, Pension and Commutation of Pension were disbursed in the month of March 2019.


1. Prof. Govinda Bhattacharjee was appointed as Professor of Applied Economics (Public Finance and Taxation) wef. 18.12.2018. 2. Sh. Rakesh Joshi was appointed as Superintendent (R&C and CUS) wef. 05.11.2018. 3. Sh. Anil Kumar Sharma was appointed as Superintendent (APPPA) wef. 05.11.2018.

Extension of Service

1. The term of re-employment of Dr. Girish Kumar has been extended till 03.06.2019. 2. The term of re-employment of Prof. V. K. Sharma has been extended by two years till 31.01.2021. 3. The term of re-employment of Prof. K. K. Pandey has been extended by two years till 31.01.2021. 4. The term of appointment of Sh. O. P. Chawla, Dy. Registrar (F&A), is extended by one year till 31.01.2020. 5. The term of appointment of Prof. C. Sheela Reddy, Chair Professor, Dr. Ambedkar Chair on deemed deputation basis, has been extended till 12.12.2022 or co-terminus with the Chair, whichever is earlier, on existing terms & conditions. 6. Shri H. C. Yadav, Dy. Librarian has been designated as Acting Librarian w.e.f. 01.01.2019.

The following Faculty and Staff Members Retired on Superannuation from the Services of the Institute

1. Prof. Dolly Arora, Professor of Political Science retired from the services of IIPA on attaining the age of superannuation on 31.08.2018. 2. Sh. Vishnu, Machine Operator retired from the services of IIPA on attaining the age of superannuation on 30.09.2018. 3. Dr. T. Chatterjee, Director retired from the services of IIPA on 30.11.2018. Powers of Director were delegated to Shri Amitabh Ranjan, Registrar IIPA in the interregnum till the new Director was appointed. 4. Dr. Usha Mujoo Munshi, Librarian retired from the services of IIPA on attaining the age of superannuation on 30.11.2018.

Faculty/Staff Relieved from the services of the Institute

1. Prof. Sushma Yadav was relieved from the services of the Institute on lien on 06.06.2018 upto 30.11.2018 which was later extended on her request for further 03 months upto 28.02.2019 to join as Vice Chancellor, Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwa Vidhyalay. 2. Dr. Sujit Kumar Pruseth, Assistant Professor of Urban Management was relieved w.e.f. 27.09.2018 (AN) on lien of 02 years to join as Additional Private Secretary to the Hon’ble Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

Approval of the probationary period of faculty and staff

Probation of Mrs. Mythili, Assistant Registrar is approved wef. 05.10.2018.

Progressive Use of Hindi

The Rajbhasha Implementation Committee of the Institute under the Chairmanship of the 24 Indian Institute of Public Administration

Director with Professor K.K. Pandey as Coordinator continued to promote the use of Hindi in the working of the Institute.

Some of the measures taken in this direction were:

The Institute organised a public lecture in Hindi on September 28, 2018. Dr. Rita Rani paliwal, Ex-Professor, Department of Hindi and Ex-Director, School of Humanities, IGNOU delivered the lecture in Hindi on the subject ^^fganh dk orZeku vkSj Hkfo”;**. Honourable Sh.T.N.Chaturvedi, Chairman of the Institue presided over the function and Honourable Sh.Shekhar Dutt, Vice President of the Institute also addressed the meeting. Dr.T.Chatterjee, Director, gave welcome address. Prof. K.K. Pandey co-ordinated the programme. Dr. Usha Mujoo Munshi, Librarian gave vote of thanks. Proceedings of the lecture were conducted in Hindi.

The Institute conducts Annual Essay Prize Competition every year. For this competition the Institute invited entries in Hindi also. There were separate prizes for Hindi Essays.

The Institute organised Hindi Essay Prize Competition- 2018 to encourage original writing in Hindi. The Institute invited entries on the subject ßizHkkoh vkink izca/ku% psUubZ ,oa dsjy ls lcdß- Smt. Deepali Sharma of Chandigarh got first prize of Rs.5000/-, Sh.Keshav Ram Singhal of Ajmer, Rajasthan got second prize of Rs 3000/- and Sh.Harish Dutt of Delhi got third prize of Rs 2000/-. There were separate prizes for essays received from the faculty/staff of the Institute. One second prize for Rs.3000/- was awarded to Dr. Shyamli Singh, Assistant Professor. Award Winning essays are uploaded on Institute’s website.

The Institute brought out two issues of the biannual Hindi Journal ^^yksd iz’kklu** during the year.

The Annual Report of the Institute is being brought out both in Hindi as well as in English.

An Overview

We express our deepest gratitude to the Hon’ble Vice-President India and President IIPA Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu for his sustained support and guidance.

Our thanks are due to Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Chairman of the Institute, for his continuing support in conducting the various academic activities of the Institute. Our sincere thanks are particularly due to Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Govt. of India and all officers of the Ministry, especially the Secretary DoPT , Dr. C. Chandramouli, the Additional Secretary (Training), DoPT, Shri K.Srinivas and the Deputy Secretary (Training), DoPT, Shri A.N. Narayanan for their sustained support for the Institute. Besides we are thankful to the Deptt. Of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, Ministries of Housing & Urban Affairs, Consumer Affairs, Science and Technology, External Affairs, Social Justice & Empowerment, Information Technology, Tribal Affairs and Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad and Legal Deptt., Govt. of U.P. as well as all other departments, including Foreign Govts., for their sustained interest in the IIPA’s activities. Our gratitude is also due to Faculty members, officers and support staff of the Institute.

Details of TA/ DA in R/O EC and other Committee Meetings/ Office Bearers of Branches from 1-4-2018 to 31-3-2019

1Prof. P.K. Chaubey1290750129075
2Prof. Aasha Kapur Mehta3176000317600
3Prof. Dolly Arora21644303039702468400
4Prof. Suresh Misra41375763468274484403
5Prof. K. K. Pandey312720103127201
6Prof. V.K. Sharma20447251950952239820
7Prof. Sushma Yadav152328501523285
8Dr. V.N. Alok268783130002690831
9Dr. Girish Kumar239307802393078
10Dr. Charru Malhotra2503614873042590918
11Dr. Sachin Chowdhry277079102770791
12Dr. Kusum Lata2611335639532675288
13Dr. C. Sheela Reddy251230730002515307
14Dr. Neetu Jain313698003136980
15Dr. Roma Debnath292110102921101
16Dr. Sapna Chadah20996213468272446448
17Dr. Mamta Pathania171538401715384
18Dr. Sujit Kumar Pruseth9883560988356
19Dr. Gadadhara Mohapatra172871701728717
20Dr. Pawan Kumar Taneja138538501385385
21Dr. Pradeep Kumar Parida2930360293036
22Dr. Manan Dwivedi188335901883359
23Dr. Saket Bihari27111822399562951138
24Dr. Nupur Tiwary308029903080299
25Dr. Shyamli Singh11604851920951352580
26Dr. Surbhi Pandey960000615911021591
27Dr. Anjali Dhengle96000031170991170
28Dr. Anupam Sarkar960000927611052761
29Dr. Amit Kumar Singh9600000960000
30Dr. Geethanjali Nataraj210000002100000
31Dr. Ashok Kumar Vishandass210000002100000
32Dr. Govinda Bhattacharjee3738040373804

Finance Accounts

Coming soon…!



Seminar 1. Talk on “Rural Development in Technology Aspect”. The talk was delivered by Prof. Dr. Sashin Kakaty, Dean, Planning & Infrastructure (June 10, 2018) 2. Talk on “Assam Finances: Where We Stand Today and Where We Need to Go”. The talk was delivered by Shri S. Jagannathan, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Finance Department, Dispur. (August 26, 2018) 3. Talk on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Sept 23, 2018) 4. Talk on “Assam Tea Industry – Issues, Challenges and Way Forward” (Dec.16, 2018) Lecture Meeting Lecture and discussion on “Mediocrity, Values and Governance: Challenges Ahead” by Dr. Mridul Hazarika, VC, Gauhati University. (March 10, 2019) Research Studies Working on the research project undertaken by Regional Branch to complete the administrative history of undivided Assam covering the period 1826 (Treaty of Yandabu) to 1972 (Creation of Meghalaya) is in progress. This project has been undertaken with the assistance of selected teachers of Guwahati University as well as couple of local colleges. We hope to complete the first draft of the history within this year (2019-2020). BIHAR Seminars 1. Seminar on “Indian Culture, Governance and People’s Trust” (Sept. 25, 2018) 2. Prelude Seminar on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Oct.5, 2018) Lecture Meeting Lecture on “Parliamentary Privileges: Concept and Practices” (Sept.12, 2018) Training Programme Organised one–week long Training Programme on Personality Development for Students of Management in collaboration with Department of Business Administration. (7-15 Jan. 2019) Research Studies Impact of Gandhi’s Political Resistance on British Administration During Champaran Movement by Dr. R.K. Verma (Study was undertaken in commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Publication 1. Bihar Journal of Public Administration (ISSN:0974-2735) Vol. XV No. 1, Jan-June, 2018. 2. Bihar Journal of Public Administration (ISSN:0974-2735) Vol. XV No. 2, July-Dec. 2018. 3. Book on Environmental Politics: Policy, Parties and People authored by Dr. R.K.Verma. 4. [kkn~; lqj{kk] iz’kklu vkSj miHkksDrk authored By Archana Kumari. Other Activities 1. The Website of the Branch incorporating details of Bihar Journal of Public Administration was updated and maintained-Website of the Branch ( 2. Organised JKP Sinha Memorial Essay Competition 2018 for Students of Graduation and Post-Graduation. Topic: “Role of Digital Technology in Governance”. GUJARAT Seminars/Conference The Challenges to the Pillars of Democracy (Jan. 05, 2019) KARNATAKA Seminars/Conference One-day National Level Symposium on “Gendering Public Policy” (Aug. 31, 2018) Prelude Conference on ‘Role of Digital Technologies in Governance’. (Oct. 15, 2018) Lecture Meeting A meeting of representatives of Voluntary Consumer Organisations on “Strategies for Strengthening Consumer Protection in Karnataka” (Nov. 24, 2018) Other Activities A function was organised to felicitate Shri S. Ramanathan, IAS (Retd.), former Secretary, Govt. of India and Chairman, IIPA Karnataka Regional Branch, on occasion of his 91st year celebration. (Jan. 25, 2019) KERALA Seminar/Conference 1. Conference on “Hung Assembly and the Governor” (June 25, 2018) 2. Fiscal Federalism: An Overview (July 21, 2018) 3. “Digital Governance in Disaster Management: Kerala Experience 2018” (Sept. 09, 2018) 4. Prelude Conference on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Oct. 16, 2018) 5. Judicial Intervention and Social Change (Feb. 02, 2019) 6. Challenges to Secularism in India (Mar. 11, 2019). Research Studies Project on “EPIC Flood in Kerala: A Study of Chengannoor Municipality Other Activities Essay Writing Competition 2018. Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Regional Branch Annual Report for year 2018-19
MonthSubjectMain Speaker
May 2018scenario of drinking water in rural areas of Madhya PradeshShri Pramod Agarwal, Principle Secretary, public health engineering
June 2018RERA in Madhya PradeshShri Anothony De Sa
July 2018Police Commissioner system in Madhya PradeshChair – Shri H. P. Singh Vice Chancellor keynote address: Shri Narendar Prasad, Ex DGP
August 2018Right of youth for skill development in ChhattisgarhChair – Shri R. S. Sharma Vice Chancellor keynote address- Shri Kamal Preet Singh Secretary Finance Smt. Araalmelmangai Secretary Skill Development
September 2018Role of Digital technology in AdministrationShri Ankit Srivastava
December 2018Forecast for the next electionsFree discussions
January 2018Innovations in Paddy CultivationDr. P. S. Singhi
February 2018Central Budget 2019-20Shri Kewal Krishan Sethi
March 2018India and water conservationShri Umakant Umrao Secreatry Government of Madhya Pradesh

It may be mentioned that two meetings were held in Raipur; one in August 2018 which was held in collaboration with Hidayatullah Law University, Raipur and the other in January 2019 in collaboration with Indira Gandhi Agricultural University. A seminar was also held in collaboration with Vikram University, Ujjain in July 2018.

The Branch organised its Annual Essay Competition this year also. The topic was uxjh; fu;kstu&pqukSfr;k¡ RkFkk volj- ; Urban Planning – Challenges and Opportunities). It received a very good response from the students. The number of essays received was 457. Eight prizes were announced for the competition, all the competitors were given certificates for their participation.

The Branch brought out a book Prashasak Prashasika 2017. It was released in the Annual General Meeting 2018.. This contains the proceedings of all the seminars and discussions held in year 2017 as also the articles included in the monthly magazine of the Regional Branch during the periods.

The Regional Branch continued to publish its monthly newsletter Prashasak Prashasika which included the gist of discussions in the seminars as also other articles on administrative issues and the news about the branch.

Annual General Meeting of the Regional Branch was held in September 2018. The Branch continued to have a monthly meeting of the Executive Committee except in the month of October 2015. (due to AGM in Delhi).


Seminar/ Conference Prelude conference on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Oct. 15, 2018). Training Programmes Changing face of Transportation in Mumbai: Metro-3 (Dec.12, 2018) Aadhaar (Jan. 16, 2019) MCS rules & departmental enquiry (Jan.30, 2019) Conduct, Discipline and Appeal rules (Jan.31, 2019) Legislative Affairs in Government (Feb.02, 2019) Conduct, Discipline and Appeal rules (Feb.18, 2019) MCS rules & departmental enquiry (Feb.20, 2019) Other Activities (A) Library: The Branch has a well-maintained library having 12260 books on various subjects or Public Administration including Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Management, History, Biographies of eminent personalities and books written by Service and defense personnel. B) Inauguration of New office premises: The State Government has allotted a spacious and well- furnished new premises to the Branch in the Mantralaya (main) building. C) The Late Shri B.G. Deshmukh Annual Essay Competition 2018-2019 was organised on the following subjects: NPA in Banks Affecting the Development of India; (Subject proposed by the lIPA, New Delhi) Farmers’ Plight in the State and Effective Measures Need to be Undertaken for their Sustainable Development; Housing for every one under Prime Minister’s Aawas Yojana and its implementation in Maharashtra State. D) The Late Dr. S.S. Gadkari Memorial Award for innovation in Public Administration-2019.


Seminar World Environment Day (June 05, 2018) Lecture/Discussion Seminar and discussion on Consumer Awareness Programme for the rural consumers in Charhajare village, Kangpokpi District, Manipur (Sept. 23, 2018)


Seminars/Conference/Workshop Two-Day National Seminar in collaboration with UGC-Women’s Studies Centre and Department of Public Administration, MZU on Participation of Women in Governance and Politics at Local and State Level sponsored by Mizoram Government (Aug.9-10, 2018) Prelude Conference on Role of Digital Technologies in collaboration with the Department of Public Administration & UGC-Women’s Studies Centre (Oct.12, 2018) Lecture/Meeting Organised Book Release Function on Participation of Women in Governance and Politics at Local and State Level edited by C. Lalkima & Lalneihzovi by Shri Dr. C. Vanlalramsanga, JES, Secretary, Finance, UD & PA etc. Govt of Mizoram (Oct.24, 2018) Research Studies Participation of Women in Governance: A Study of Local Council in Aizawl. Publications C Lalkima & Lalneihzovi (Ed), 2018. Participation of Women in Governance and Politics at Local and State Level, ISBN978-81-937438-8-1. Aizawi. Lois Bet. (24.10.2018) Lalneihzovi, Participation of Women in Governance and Politics with Reference to Mizoram (24.10.2018) C. Lalkima, Barriers of Mizo Women in Political Participation. (24.10.2018)


Seminars 1. Seminar on “Heritage Management in Odisha”. (April 23, 2018) 2. Seminar on “Relevance of Open and Distance Learning in Odisha” (July 30, 2018) 3. Seminar on “Human rights Vulnerability to Food Insecurity (Aug. 30, 2018) 4. Seminar on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance (Sept.10, 2018) 5. Seminar on “Governance Ethics and Grievance Redressal (Oct.12, 2018) 6. Seminar on “Constitutional Governance” (Dec.27, 2018) 7. Seminar on “Is Media Mirror of the Society?” (Jan.21, 2019) 8. Seminar on “Gandhi and His Ideas” (Feb.22, 2019) Publications Annual Journal on the Topic: “Environmental Pollution: Challenges Ahead. Other Activities Essay and Debate Competition Annual Debate Competition


Seminar Regional Seminar on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance”. (Oct. 17, 2018) Lectures Meetings Annual Report 49 1. Open House discussion on “My Philosophy of Happiness” (Apr. 16, 2018) 2. Open House discussion on “My Memorable Professional Experience” (Apr.17, 2018) 3. Open House discussion on “Indian Education System” (Apr. 18, 2018) 4. Open House discussion on “Reforming Politics” (May 19, 2018) 5. Open House discussion on “Reforming Society” (May 21, 2018) 6. Towards Sanskar-Yukta Society (July 7, 2018) 7. Atal Behari Vajpayee: Man and the Leader (Sept 02, 2018) 8. Krishna’s Karma Yoga (Sept 3, 2018) 9. Time Management for Success in Life (Sept. 04, 2018) 10. Mahatma Gandhi: Secrets of Greatness (Oct. 15, 2018) 11. Sardar Patel: A Giant Among Leaders (Oct. 16, 2018) 12. Motivation in Government (Nov. 23, 2018) 13. Reflections on IIPA: The Road Ahead (Nov. 24, 2018) 14. Building a Moral India (Nov. 27, 2018) 15. How to Remain Happy? (Jan. 09, 2019) 16. The Wonder that is China (Jan 10, 2019) 17. Japan : Secrets of Greatness (Jan. 11, 2019) 18. Swami Vivekanand: The Man and His Mission (Swami Vivekanand Jayanti) (Jan. 12, 2019) 19. NPC Special Lecture in collaboration with RSPC on “Circular Economy for Productivity & Sustainability” (Feb. 14, 2019) 20. Open Secrets of Success (Mar. 13, 2019) 21. Time Management for A Wonderful Life (Mar. 14, 2019) 22. Vishnu Dutt Sharma Memorial Lecture on “Who is a Good Human Being” (Mar. 15, 2019) Other Activities Organised Essay Competition in collaboration with RSPC on “Circular Economy for Productivity & Sustainable Development” (Feb. 14, 2019)


Seminars/Conferences 1. Prelude seminar on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” by Dr. Santosh Babu, IAS, Secretary to the Govt. of Tamil Nadu (Oct.13, 2018) 2. Seminar on “Paving Paths for Protection and Progress of Childred Rights” (Jan.19, 2019) 3. Workshop on Indian Constitution/Law Day 2018 (Nov.26, 2018) Lectures/Meetings/Discussions 1. Public Participation in Climate Control Management (April 21, 2018) 2. Gandhian Thoughts and Culture on Public Participation (June 21, 2018) 3. Public Participation in Women’s Empowerment (Sept.15, 2018) 4. Public Participation in Prevention of Crime Against Women and Children (Jan.05, 2019) 5. Impact of Social Media (Feb.16, 2019) 6. Media and Public Administration (March 16, 2019)


Seminars/Conferences 1. Seminar on “Digital Governance and Challenges” (May 09, 2018) 2. Prelude Conference on “The Impact of Digital Technologies in Governance” (Nov. 18, 2018) 3. Symposium on “Innovative Initiatives in Higher Education” (Feb.04, 2019) Lectures/Meetings/Discussions Sri M. Gopalakrishna, IAS (Retd.), Chairman of the Telangana and A.P. Regional Branch delivered the following lectures. 1. “Excellence and Leadership” (June 9, 2018) 2. For the benefit of the employees of M/s.Jasper Industries “Leadership” (July 1, 2018) 3. “Organizational Values and Ethics” for the participants of a programme in Administrative Staff College of India (July 11, 2018) 4. “Citizen Centric Governance” (Sept.3, 2018) 5. “Organizational Values and Ethics” for the Coal India Limited (CIL) Executives in Administrative Staff College of India (Sept.24, 2018) 6. On importance of “Ethics in Governance” in the context of Monitoring and Evaluation for Indian Statistical Service Probationers (Dec.13, 2018)


Seminar 1. Environment-Friendly Sustainable Urban Development (June 06, 2018) 2. Role of Digital Technologies in Governance (Dec. 15, 2018) 3. Strengthening Public Institutions for Better Governance (March 02, 2019) Lecture 1. Brainstorming Session on Issues in MSME (Jan. 29, 2019). 2. Second Session on “Issues in MSME” (Jan. 31, 2019). Publications Publication of Quarterly Newsletter Dynamic Administration – Oct. to Dec. 2018. Other Activities 1. Meeting with D.G. U.P. Academy of Administration and Management, regarding collaboration with IIPA on 27.12.2018. 2. Meeting with Director Manavodaya Sri Varun Vidyarthi in his office at IIM Road on 23.02.2019. 3. Meeting with Dr. Nand Lal Bharti, Head, Department of Public Administration, Lucknow University and other faculty on 07.3.2019.


BAREILLY Seminars/Conferences 1. Conference — Registration of New Life Members of IIPA Local Branch. (Aug. 8, 2018) 2. Teacher’s Day Celebration (Sept. 5, 2018) 3. Prelude Seminar on Role of Digital Technology in Governance (Sept. 15, 2018) 4. Conference on Budget 2019, (Interim) (Jan. 3, 2019) 5. One-Day Seminar on Voters’ Education & Awareness (Mar.24, 2019) Lecture Meeting 1. Group Discussion on How to enhance National Pride among us ( Nov.18, 2018) 2. Human Rights Day Celebration Lectures on conditions of Human Rights of Citizens of Jammu in the State, Govt. of J&K (Dec.10, 2018) 3. Lecture on ‘Constitution of India’ (Jan. 23, 2019)


Seminars/Conferences 1. Rural self-employment training at village Marori (Nov.10, 2018) 2. Seminar and training workshop on Yoga & Meditation under the Health Mission Project Bharat Art of Living, Budaun Unit (Jan. 22, 2019) Lecture Meeting Discussion on the Adverse Effects of Social Media upon Society and also training of framing of preventive activities through educational Institutes.( Nov. 22, 2018) Training 1. Training of Farmers for Herbal Agriculture with the help of Punjab National Bank, self-employment and training scheme in village Marauri (Dec.02, 2018) 2. Training of Local Youth to create ability to prepare Chavan Prash and other health products at lower cost (March 12, 2019)


Seminar Role of Digital Technology in Governance (Prelude Seminar) (Oct. 3, 2018) Annual Report 51


Seminar Prelude Seminar on “Role of Digitalization in Governance”. (Sept. 06, 2018) Training Programmes Training & Discussion for the Rural Development & Agriculture for the students under field study from agriculture college, Annamalai University (July 22, 2018) Research Studies Study initiated for a survey of farmers (status under progress).


Seminars/Conferences 1. Role of Digital Technology on Governance (Oct. 23, 2018) 2. Voters’ Awareness and 2019 Lok Sabha Elections (March 26, 2019)


Conference/ Workshop 1. Sri Aurobindo in 21st Century. (Aug. 25, 2018) 2. Prelude Conference 2018 (Role of Digital Technology in Governance)( Sept.18.2018) 3. Child Marriage—Prohibition and Public Consciousness. (Dec.15, 2018) 4. Role of the Police in the Reformation of the Persons involved in the Crime (Feb.23, 2019) Lecture Meeting 1. Annual General Meeting of the I.I.P.A. Howrah Local Branch (2017-2018) (May 28, 2018) 2. Felicitation to Sri Sankar Kr. Sanyal for D. Litt. Degree. (Jun. 30, 2018)


Seminars/Conferences 1. Debate on “Me Too movement: women vs. men” (July 22, 2018) 2. Prelude Seminar on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Sept. 30, 2018) 3. Workshop on E.V.M. vs. Ballot Paper (Nov. 29, 2018) Lecture Meeting 1. A Lecture on “Critical evaluation of Social Media: Its impact on social and political awareness” (Jan. 18, 2019) 2. Group Discussion on “pquko esa Hkk”kk ds fxjrs Lrj ij jksdFkke ds mik;” (March 08, 2019) Other Activities Organised Swachh Ganga Nirmal Ganga Programme under Namami Gange Mission in association with Sri Chitragupta Samiti. KARIMNAGAR Seminar 1. Seminar on ‘Digitalisation & Consumer Interest’ ( Dec. 24, 2018) 2. Seminar on World Consumer’s Day. ( Mar. 15, 2019) Other Activities 1. Voter Awareness meet (March 01, 2019) 2. ‘Open Forum’ with Contesting candidates to Assembly Elections (Sept.16, 2018) 3. To motivate whistleblowers, A.C.B. trapper, one farmer V. Jitender was honoured as a part of eradication of corruption (Aug.06, 2018) 4. International Women’s day celebrated by honouring a farmer, Mrs. Rudra Reddy (March 08, 2019)


Seminar 1. Workshop on Personality Development (Aug.07, 2018) 2. Prelude Conference on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Sept. 29, 2018) 3. Workshop/Seminar on “Right and Responsibilities of Teachers” (Jan. 11, 2019) Lecture Meeting 1. Lecture Meeting on “Interim Budget 2019 – Fiscal and Tax Impact” (Feb.22, 2019) 2. 52 Indian Institute of Public Administration Other Activities Family Get-Together Meeting of Members of IIPA, Madurai Local Branch (Dec.16, 2018)


Lecture Meeting 1. Election Reforms (Aug. 18, 2018) 2. Human Rights and UN (Dec. 10, 2018)


Seminar/Conference 1. “Electoral Reforms” (Sept.30, 2018) 2. “The Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Oct.19, 2018) Lecture Meeting Lecture on “Consumer Protection” (Feb.05, 2019)


Seminars/Conferences/Workshops Seminar on “Gender Equality and Women Empowerment”, jointly organised at Annasaheb Gundewar College, Nagpur (March 29, 2019) Lecture/Meetings/Discussions Nagpur as an emerging smart city: The concept, issues and governance (March 12, 2019). Training Programmes Guidance for IQAC preparations for facing NAAC visit, organised by Annasaheb Gundewar College, Nagpur (March 25, 2019)


Seminars/Conferences/Workshops General Budget – Union and UT (Apr. 12, 2018) Role of Smart City Development at UT (October 23, 2018) Two-Day Seminar on Consumer ―Consumer Protection, Education and Empowerment (Jan. 07 & 08, 2019) Seminar on Public Administration in College Education for all Arts & Science Colleges Professors in Puducherry (Jan. 08, 2019) Lecture/Meetings/Discussions Digital India Development in UT level – Lecture (June 12, 2018) Puducherry UT Planning – Discussion (Aug. 18, 2018) Training Programmes Double Entry System Training for Municipality Officers/Employees (July 23, 2018) General Election (Parliament 2019) Election Process Training to College Students (Feb. 21, 2019) Civil Service Examination – UPSC Training Program for College Students (March 25, 2019) TIRUCHIRAPALLI (TRICHY) Lecture/Meetings/Discussions ‘New Voters’ role in Indian Democracy’ – Group discussion (Dec.12, 2018) Lecture on ‘Self-Help groups in Women Empowerment’ (March 16, 2019).


Seminar Prelude Conference on Role of Digital Technology in Governance (Oct. 04, 2018) An Intellectual Workshop on Child Labour: Causes, Cosequences and Cures (Jan. 28, 2019) Symposium on “Is Democracy dying in India? An alternative”, Presidential election (Mar. 28, 2019) Lecture Meeting Bi-Centenary celebrations of birthday of Karl Marx – relevance to 21st Century (May 05, 2018) World Environment Day (Jun. 05, 2018) Lecture programme on “World Dynamics of language – reflecting about Telugu History and contemporary aspects” (Sept. 05, 2018) Annual Report 53 Lecture programme on Sree Bhagh Agreement – A review (Nov. 16, 2018) World Consumer’s Day-2019: Trusted Smart Products (Mar. 15, 2019) Publications Book on – India – Facets of development (Oct. 04, 2018)


Seminar Prelude conference on “Role of Digital Technology.” (Oct. 13, 2018) Prevention of Electricity Disaster/Economic use of Electricity, EB Storage (Aug. 8, 2018) Conference on “General Budget 2019”. (March. 05, 2019) Lecture Meeting Personality Development for College Students (Sept. 06, 2018) Other Activities Free Medical Camp on “Neuropathy, Bone Density and Blood Sugar” at L.S. Hospital. (Dec. 10, 2018) VADODARA Seminars Seminar on “Solar Energy—People to People”. Shri Rajendra Trivedi, Hon’ble Speaker of Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Govt. of Gujarat inaugurated the seminar and Ms. Shaliji Agarwal, IAS was the Chief Guest. (July 07, 2018) Seminar on 100% Voting and Its Importance amongst the youth (Feb. 28, 2019) Training Programme Conducted Fire Management Awareness programme for the youth (Oct. 09, 2018) Participated in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Oct. 02, 2018) Research Studies Solid Waste Management – the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Other Activities Organised a Tree Plantation Workshop. Ms. Hansa Patel, Executive Advisor of All India Institute of Local Self-Government delivered a lecture (Aug. 18, 2018)


Seminar/Conference/Workshop Role of Digital Technology in Governance (Oct.10, 2018) Lecture Meeting/Discussion Doubling the farmers income in co-ordination with Ranga Agricultural Project (also published book/report (English edition) (Feb.18, 2019) Training Programme Training on Seed Technology in various crops (Aug.13, 2018)


Seminars Prelude Seminar on “Role of Digital Technology in Governance” (Oct. 11, 2018)

54 Indian Institute of Public Administration Annexure F 3.1 LIST OF CHAIRMEN AND HONY. SECRETARIES OF THE REGIONAL & LOCAL BRANCHES (As on 31-03-2019) Regional Branches

Shri Jatin Hazarika, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Assam Regional Branch ‘Jivagiri’, Sarania Hills, P.O. Ulubari Guwahati-781007 (Assam)Mobile: 9435198867 E-mail:
Shri Dipak Kumar Sarma, IAS Hony. Secretary, IIPA Assam Regional Branch House No.-19, Rup Konwar Path (A byeIane of Zakir Hussain Road) Near Nabajyoti Club, Hengrabari, Guwahati-781036 (Assam)Mobile: 9864092901 E-mail:
Er. Jugal Kishore Singh Chairman IIPA Bihar Regional Branch Umashankar Lane, Gurhatta, Patna City, Patna-800008 (Bihar)0612-2630078 (R) Mobile: 9431213122, 7294913137 E-mail:
Dr. Ravindra Kumar Verma Hony. Secretary IIPA Bihar Regional Branch Shiva Path, New Purendrapur, (Near Dopulwa) Patna-800001 (Bihar)Mobile: 9473431548, 7762882579 E-mail:
Prof. Suresh Misra Chairman IIPA Delhi Regional Branch I.I.P.A. New Delhi-110002(011) 23468349 (O) Mobile: 9312413955 E-mail:
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari Hony. Secretary IIPA Delhi Regional Branch & Associate Professor Maharaja Agrasen College Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi-110096(011) 22610563 (O) Mobile: 9811546564 E-mail:
Shri P.K. Laheri, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Gujarat Regional Branch Sadvichar Parivar Campus Satellite Road, Ahmedabad -380015 (Gujarat)Mobile: 9824083969 E-mail:
Shri P.N. Jain Hony. Secretary IIPA Gujarat Regional Branch Sadvichar Parivar Campus Satellite Road, Ahmedabad -380015 (Gujarat)(079) – 27560926 (R) Mobile: 9978405766 E-mail:
Shri M.C. Gupta, IAS (Retd.) Chairman, IIPA Haryana Regional Branch House No.771, Sector-15, Part-II, Gurgaon-122001 (Haryana)Mobile: 9810806644 E-mail:
Dr. Rajvir Dhaka Hony. Secretary IIPA Haryana Regional Branch Plot No. 76 HIPA Complex Sector-18 Gurgaon (Haryana)0124-2344512, (O) 0124-2343076 (R) Mobile: 9911399437 Fax: 0124-2348452 E-mail:
Shri. B.R. Sharma, IAS Chairman, IIPA Jammu & Kashmir Regional Branch Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India,New Delhi C/o Chief Secretary Residence, Wazarat Road, Jammu-180001 (J&K)(M) 09419180655 E-mail:
Er. J.B.S. Johar, Hony. Secretary, IIPA Jammu & Kashmir Regional Branch, H.No.2 Sector-7, Trikuta Nagar Jammu-180012 (J&K)0191-2434006 (O) 0191-2471033 (R) Mobile No.09419198439 E-mail:
Shri S. Ramanathan, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Karnataka Regional Branch Room No.4, Ground Floor 5th Stage, M.S. Building, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru-560001(080) 22372897 (O) (080) 23610499 (R) Mobile: 9945273372 E-mail:
Dr. D. Jeevan Kumar Hony. Secretary IIPA Karnataka Regional Branch Room No.4, Ground Floor, 5th Stage, M.S. Building, Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi Bengaluru-560001(080) 22372897(O) (080) 28482587 (R) Mobile: 9972496362 E-mail:
Prof. Joseph K. Alexander Chairman IIPA Kerala Regional Branch A-56, Pandit Colony, Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram-695003 (Kerala)Mobile: 9447811811 E-Mail:
Dr. G. Radhakrishna Kurup Hony. Secretary IIPA Kerala Regional Branch Santhinagar, Sreekariyam P.O. Thiruvananthapuram-695017(0471) 2591769 (R) Mobile: 9496253891/8606030810 E-mail:
Shri K.K. Sethi, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Regional Branch, C/o Academy of Administration Room No. 3, 1100 Quarters, Bhopal-462016 (M.P.)(0755) – 2461095 (O) (0755) -2428310 (R) Mobile: 9425023223 Mobile: 9868842009 Fax:0755-2464244 E-mail:
Dr. D.P. Tiwari, IAS (Retd.) Hony. Secretary IIPA Madhya Pradesh Regional Branch C/o Academy of Administration Room No.3, 1100 Quarters Bhopal-4620160755 – 2461095 (O) 0755 – 2460166 (R) Mobile: 9425012607 Fax: 0755-2464244 E-mail:
Shri Swadheen Kshatriya, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Maharashtra Regional Branch Ground Floor, (Next to Bank of Maharashtra) Mantralaya Main, Hutatma Rajguru Chowk, Madame Cama Road, Mumbai-400032 (M.S.)022-22022347 (O) (M) 9870333182 E-Mail:
Dr. Vijay Satbir Singh, IAS (Retd.) Hony. Secretary IIPA Maharashtra Regional Branch Ground Floor, (Next to Bank of Maharashtra), Mantralaya Main, Hutatma Rajguru Chowk, Madame Cama Road, Mumbai-400032 (M.S.)022 – 26590029 (O) (M) 9920214830 E-Mail:
Prof. N. Lokendra Singh Chairman IIPA Manipur Regional Branch and Dean School of Social Sciences Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal-795003 (Manipur)Mobile: 09436232364 Fax: 0385-2435145 E-Mail:
Prof. Ganga Prasad Prasain Hony. Secretary IIPA Manipur Regional Branch Department of Commerce Manipur University, Canchipur Imphal-795003 (Manipur)0385-2435075 (O) 0385-2435072/2435755 (R) Mobile: 09612158167 Fax: 0385-2435145 E-mail:
Prof. C. Lalkima Chairman, IIPA Mizoram Regional Branch AT- Zarkawt, Aizawl C/o Deptt. of Public Administration Mizoram University, Tanhril, Aizawl –796009 (Mizoram)(0389) 2342820 (R) Mobile: 09862304298 E-mail:
Prof. Lalneihzovi Hony. Secretary IIPA Mizoram Regional Branch And Hony. Director, Women Studies Centre Mizoram University, Tanhril, Aizawl-796004 (Mizoram)(0389) 2331612, 2331274 Mobile: 9436151165 E-mail:
Shri Sarat Chandra Misra, IPS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Odisha Regional Branch Qr.No. VIC, 2/1, Unit-1 Bhubaneswar-751009 (Odisha)(0674)2598444 (O) E-mail:
Shri Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, OFS (Retd.) Hony. Secretary IIPA Odisha Regional Branch Qr.No. VIC, 2/1, Unit-1 Bhubaneswar-751009 (Odisha)(0674)2598444 (O) E-mail:
Shri B.S. Ojha, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Punjab & Chandigarh (UT) Regional Branch H.No.143, Sector 11-A, Chandigarh-160011(0172) 2744577 (R) Mobile 9815046888 E-mail:
Prof. B.S. Ghuman Hony. Secretary IIPA Punjab & Chandigarh (UT) Regional Branch C/o Department of Public Administration Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh-160014(0172) 2534734 (O) 2542534(R) Mobile: 9815942534 E-mail:
Dr. Ramesh K. Arora Chairman IIPA Rajasthan Regional Branch 7 NA 8, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur-302004 (Rajasthan)(0141) 2655738, 4064817 (O) (0141) 2611921(R) Mobile: 9829010011 E-mail:
Dr. Meena Sogani Hony. Secretary IIPA Rajasthan Regional Branch 7-NA-8, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur-302004 (Rajasthan)Mobile: 9829057644 E-mail:
Shri P.R. Shampath, IAS (Retd.) Chairman, IIPA Tamil Nadu Regional Branch Plot No.1082, D.No.165 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar Chennai-600040 (T.N.)Mobile: 9444007299, 9340007299 E-mail:
Shri S.S. Jawahar, IAS (Retd.) Hony. Secretary IIPA Tamil Nadu Regional Branch Taisha AIS Housing Complex, C-09-03, Natesan Nagar West, VirugambakkamWest, Chennai-600040 (T.N.)(044) 29818244 (R) (044) 29818244 (Fax) Mobile: 9445399444 E-mail:
Shri M. Gopalakrishna Naidu, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Telangana and A.P. Regional Branch ‘Bhramara” 12-2-823A/23 Santoshnagar, Mehdipatnam Hyderabad-500028 (Telangana)(040) 23513420 (R) Mobile: 9849555306 Fax: 040-3525322 E-mail:
Dr. A.V. Narsimha Reddy Hony. Secretary IIPA Telangana and A. P. Regional Branch Flat No. 504, Royal Manor Apartments 3-4-133, Barkathpura Hyderabad-500027 (Telangana)(040) 27563921 (R) (040) 23680240 (O) Mobile: 9391552189 E-mail:
Shri R. Ramani, IAS (Retd.) Chairman IIPA Uttar Pradesh Regional Branch C-30, Avas Vikas Colony, Mall Avenue Lucknow-226001 (U.P.)(0522) 2286661 (O) Mobile: 9336556027 E-mail:
Shri Vidya Nand Garg, IAS (Retd.) Hony. Secretary IIPA Uttar Pradesh Regional Branch Room No.825, 8th Floor, Jawahar Bhawan Lucknow-226001 (U.P.)(0522) 2286661 (O) Mobile: 8127771222 E-mail:
Shri Suryya Ray Chairman IIPA West Bengal Regional Branch 4-A, Northern Avenue, Kolkata-700037 (W.B.)(033) 25566251 (R) Mobile: 9433624822 E-mail:
Dr. Sibranjan Chatterjee Hony. Secretary IIPA West Bengal Regional Branch Dewpoint, Flats S-1, 51-D, Garcha Road Kolkata-700019 (W.B.)(033) 24749764 (R) Mobile:9830106278

Local Branches

Dr. Indra Kumar Chairman IIPA Agra Local Branch 235, Jaipur House, Agra-282010 (U.P.)Mobile: 9412560195
Dr. V.P. Tripathi Hony. Secretary IIPA Agra Local Branch 23/451, Wazirpura Road Agra-282003 (U.P.)(0562) 4044620 (O) 2522156 (R) Mobile: 09319101976 Fax: 2520774 E-mail:
Shri K.B. Bhoge, IAS (Retd.) Chairman, IIPA Aurangabad Local Branch, Bhoge Coaching Classes, Near Sahakar Nagar Aurangabad (M.S.)(0240) 2364040 (R) Mobile: 9823668811 E-mail:
Dr. Jayashri T. Birdavade (Bhandwaldar) Hony. Secretary IIPA Aurangabad Local Branch Plot No.415, Saivrindavan Colony New Best Price Aurangabad-431005 (M.S.)Mobile: 9823773260 E-mail:
Dr. A.K. Chauhan Chairman IIPA Bareilly Local Branch Sanjivini Clinic, Circuit House Chouraha Civil Lines Bareilly (U.P.)(0581) 2422222 (R) Mobile: 9719042222, 9701942222
Dr. Mithilesh Mishra Hony. Secretary IIPA Bareilly Local Branch 35-D/3, Rampur Gardan Bareilly-243002 (U.P.)Mobile: 9917391957
Shri Ram Prakash Ahuja Chairman IIPA Budaun Local Branch Pathik Chowk, BudaunMobile: 9837029524 Email:
Shri Ram Veer Singh Hony. Secretary IIPA Budaun Local Branch Madhuvan Colony Budaun Vill. Marauri Post Alapur Distt Budaun-243601 (U.P.)Mobile: 09412673687, 8433276686 E-mail:
Prof. Mohit Bhattacharya Chairman IIPA Burdwan Local Branch Cluster-VIII, Block K-6, Purbachal Saltlake, Kolkata-700091 (W.B.)(033) 23352317 (R) Mobile: 09748421228 E-mail:
Dr. Bijoy Chand Hony. Secretary IIPA Burdwan Local Branch Alamganj, Antardanga (Near Mota Shibtala) P.O. Nutanganj, Burdwan-713102 (W.B.)Mobile: 9434660670/8250100384 E-mail:
Dr. N. Rangaramanujam Chairman IIPA Cuddalore Local Branch 60, Gandhi Nagar Cuddalore-607001 (TN)Mobile: 9443266894 04142-221629 (R) E-Mail:
Shr S. Krishnaraj Hony. Secretary IIPA Cuddalore Local Branch No.23, Periyar Nagar Koothapakkam Cuddalore-607002 (TN)Mobile: 9486583568
Shri Bipin Bihari Ratho. Chairman IIPA Cuttack Local Branch At-Narayan Kamala Nivas P.O. Dist. Cuttack Cuttack-753008 (Odisha)(0671) 2361284 (0671) 2362734
Dr. Sushant Kumar Kar Hony. Secretary IIPA Cuttack Local Branch Bidyadharpur, P.O. Nayabazar, District Cuttack-753004 (Odisha)Mobile: 9437228449 Email:
Dr. David A. Shakur Chairman IIPA Dharwad Local Branch “Monalisha” II Cross, Gandhi Nagar Dharwad-580004 (Karnataka)Mobile: 8105907092
Dr. A.R. Jagatap Hony. Secretary, IIPA Dharwad Local Branch ‘Sarvada; 295 IX Main, IV Cross, Nisarga Dharwad-580003 (Karnataka)Mobile: 9481209624 Email:
Shri Maruthi K. Pawar, Chairman IIPA Gulbarga Local Branch, House No.9-646, Shahbazar, Kalaburagi Gulbarga-585102 (Karnataka)(08472) 277603, 277613 (O) (08472) 277602, 277614 Mobile: 09482055555 E-mail:
Dr. B.S. Gulshetty Hony. Secretary IIPA Gulbarga Local Branch Plot No.86, Sangamad Jayanagar Sedam Road, Kalaburagi Gulbarga-585105 (Karnataka)(M) 09342352517 09901342811
Shri Dilip Kumar Das Chairman IIPA Howrah Local Branch 252/2, Netaji Subhas Road Howrah-711101 (W.B.)(033) 26405287 (R) Mobile: 9830050107 E-mail:
Prof. Asish Ray Hony. Secretary IIPA Howrah Local Branch 67/3/3, College Road P.O. Botanical Garden Howrah-711103 (W.B.)Mobile: 9831822665/6289279019 E-mail:
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pathak Chairman IIPA Indore Local Branch 21, Madhuvan Colony, Keshar Bag Road, Indore-452009 (M.P.)0731-2365946 (R) 0731-2365946 (O) Mobile:9301335081
Dr. Manoj Kumar Dubey Hony. Secretary, IIPA Indore Local Branch, 8, Dubey Colony Manik Bag Road, Indore-452004 (M.P.)(0731) 2368344, 2472991
Dr. V.K. Dubey Chairman, IIPA Jabalpur Local Branch 9, Brahmpuri Housing Society Behind MGM School, Giriraj Kishore Kapoor Road Hathitaal, Gupteshwar, Jabalpur-482001 (M.P.)(0761) 4065759 (R) Mobile: 9407021974, 9407000223 7489219842
Dr. D.N. Rathore Hony. Secretary IIPA Jabalpur Local Branch 14, BOS Colony, Narmada Road Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)(0761) 2665544 Mobile: 9425386714
Dr. Swetabh Suman Chairman IIPA Jamshedpur Local Branch Bunglow No.16, B-Road, Northern Town Area Jamshedpur-831001 (Jharkhand)Mobile: 9934127266 E-mail:
Shri Anil Kumar Singh Hony. Secretary IIPA Jameshedpur Local Branch Flat No.3322, Phase VI, Vijaya Heritage, KADMA, Jameshedpur-831005. (Jharkhand)
Dr. N.K. Saksena Chairman IIPA Kanpur Local Branch 3, Gopala Apartment, 30A, Vikash Nagar Kanpur-208024 (U.P.)(0512) 2581223 (O) Fax: 0512-2581223 Mobile: 915040256/9336815800 E-mail:
Dr. Kuldip N. Srivastava Hony. Secretary IIPA Kanpur Local Branch 11/326, Souterganj, Kanpur-208001 (U.P.)(0512) 2541100 (O) Mobile: 9336117202, 9455754607 E-mail:
Shri B. Rameshwar Rao Chairman IIPA Karimnagar Local Branch H.No.3-7-618/C, Chaittanyapuri, Cross Road Karimnagar-505001 (Telangana)Mobile: 9949039313 E-mail:
Shri M. Gangadhar Hony. Secretary IIPA Karimnagar Local Branch H.No.2-10-1662, Chaitanyapuri Karimnagar-505001 (Telangana)Mobile: 9440020369 E-mail:
Shri C.R. Patel Chairman IIPA Madurai Local Branch Kwality Sales, 1st Floor No.5, Kakathoppu Street Madurai-625001 (T.N.)Mobile: 09443058723
Shri K. Baskaran Hony. Secretary IIPA Madurai Local Branch Plot No. 32 Ramalinga Nagar Park Town 2nd Street (Extn.) Thapal Thanthi Nagar Madurai-625017Mobile: 09345200608 E-mail:
Dr. Ghanshyam N. Singh Chairman IIPA Magadh Local Branch, A/14, Noba Nagar, Phase I, Near Khoja Emali, Phulwarisharif, Patna-801505 (Bihar)Mob: 09431494843 E-mail:
Dr. C.P. Singh, Hony. Secretary Magadh Local Branch Kalp-Taru, 264, Anugrahpuri, Gaya-823001 (Bihar)Mob: 09835061655 E-mail:
Prof. S.S. Sharma Chairman, IIPA Meerut Local Branch 2/141, Sector 2, Rajendra Nagar Sahibabad, Ghaziabad-201005 (U.P.)Mobile: 9312832502 E-mail:
Prof. Satya Prakash Hony. Secretary IIPA Meerut Local Branch 4F, Raj Lok, Civil Lines, Meerut-250001 (U.P.)Mobile: 9837291071 E-mail:
Dr. K.C. Basavaraj Chairman, IIPA Mysore Local Branch No. 43, Keragodu Main 23rd Cross, Vijaynagar III Stage Mysore-570017 (Karnataka)(0821) 2525620 (R) Mobile: 9341175461
Prof. Muzaffar H. Assadi Hony. Secretary, IIPA Mysore Local Branch C/o Deptt. of Political Science University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore-570006 (Karnataka)(0821) 2419507 (O) 2543936 (R) Mobile: 9448186295 E-mail:
Dr. R.P. Shrivastava Chairman IIPA Muzaffarpur Local Branch Pravas, Parao Pokhar, Lane –2, Amgola, Muzaffarpur-842002 (Bihar)Mobile: 9431241274 E-mail:
Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh Hony. Secretary IIPA Muzaffarpur Local Branch Aadarsh Nagar, Shekhpur, Muzaffarpur-842002 (Bihar)(0621) 2230352 (R) Mobile: 9905032357 E-mail:
Dr. A.S. Ukhalkar Chairman IIPA Nagpur Local Branch Chetna Apartments, Ramdaspeth Nagpur-440016(0712) 2443042 (R) Mobile: 9370666487
Prof. Neelima Deshmukh Hony. Secretary IIPA Nagpur Local Branch Shirish-16, S.A. Road Laxminagar Nagpur-4400220712-2228676 Mobile: 09822231076 E-Mail:
Dr. M.S. Gosavi Chairman IIPA Nashik Local Branch 7, Anubandhan, Model Colony Nashik-422005 (Maharashtra)(0253) 2574682 (O) 2342060 (R) Mobile: 9822055197 Fax: 2574682 E-mail:
Dr. (Mrs.) A.A. Verulkar Hony. Secretary IIPA Nashik Local Branch B-3, Shriniwas, Sobhagya Nagar Gangapur Road, Nashik-422005 (Maharashtra)(0253) 2571643 (O) Mobile: 9822603890 2571810 (R) Fax: 2571643 E-mail:
Prof. Harbans Pathak Chairman IIPA Patiala Local Branch “Aashirwad” No. 38, Phase V, Tricone City, P.O. Chalela, Sirhind Road, Patiala-147001 (Punjab)(0175) 2280213 (R) Mobile: 9814320117 E-mail:
Prof. D.K. Madan Hony. Secretary IIPA Patiala Local Branch, Head, School of Social Sciences Punjabi University Patiala-147002 (Punjab)(0175) 2280063 (R) Mobile: 09417079934
Dr. R.R. Dhanapall Chairman IIPA Puducherry Local Branch No.3, 4th Floor, P.W.D. Building, Le Eveche Street, Puducherry-605001(0413) 2222354(O) Mobile: 9345009639 E-Mail:
Er. R. Narasimmamurthy Hony. Secretary IIPA Puducherry Local Branch, No.3, 4th Floor, P.W.D. Building, Le Eveche Street, Puducherry-605001(0413) 2222354(O) Fax: (0413) 2222354 Mobile:9443999497 E-Mail:
Shri B.P. Shaligram Chairman IIPA Pune Local Branch “Godavari” Patrakar Nagar Senapati Bapat Road Pune-411016 (Maharashtra)(020) 25658360 25658361 (R) Mobile: 9881374443 Fax: 25658364
Dr. S.V. Khare Hony. Secretary IIPA Pune Local Branch Sahanistha Society, S.No. 83/17/1/1, Sahakar Nagar, Parvati, Pune-411009 (Maharashtra)(020) 24230345(O) (020) 24230345 (R) Mobile: 07276888456 E-mail:
Shri J.S. Rajan Devanesan, Chairman, IIPA Salem Local Branch, “Renascence”, 2/406, Maruti Nagar, Yercaud Main Road, Kondapanayakenpatti, Salem-636008 (T.N.)0427-2403861 Mobile 9487204751 E-mail:
Shri R. Kumarasamy, Hony. Secretary, IIPA Salem Local Branch, 59/1, Rathinapuri, Gorimedu, Salem-636008 (TN)(0427) 2400302 Mobile: 9442622334
Prof. Shriram G. Kanitkar Chairman IIPA Sangli Local Branch Chandramani, Near Urban Bank, Vishrambag, Sangli-416415 (Maharashtra)0233-2309359 (O) 0233-2301286 ( R) Fax:0233-2301359 Mobile: 09422407470 E-mail:
Prof. D. G. Dahake Hony. Secretary IIPA Sangli Local Branch 2, Tara Complex, 1275, Khambhog Panchmukhi Moorti Road Sangli-416415 (Maharashtra)0233-2326359 (R) Mobile: 9422614774 E-mail:
Shri Narendra Kumar Jain Chairman IIPA Sirohi Local Branch Lakshmi Bhawan, Sadar Bazar Sirohi-307001 (Rajasthan)(02972) 220136 (O) 222209 (R) Mobile: 9414152318 Fax: 220433
Shri Balwant Singh Rathore Hony. Secretary IIPA Sirohi Local Branch 46 Rathore Lane, Sirohi-307001 (Rajasthan)(02972) 225075 (M) 09468834301
Dr. T. Elangovan Chairman IIPA Thanjavur Local Branch No. 80, ABI & ABI Towers Opp. Medical College Thanjavur-613004 (T.N.)(04362) 244505 (O) (04362) 241505 Mobile: 09585500000 E-Mail:
Dr. G. Deivanayagam Hony. Secretary IIPA Thanjavur Local Branch 1/343 Laxmi Gardens, Trichy Road Opp. New Bus Stand Thanjavur-613005 (T.N.)(04362) 244505 (O) 241505 (R) Mobile: 09047150000 Fax: 246444 E-mail:
Shri A.R. Ramachandran Chairman IIPA Tiruchirapalli Local Branch 1/24, Ammangudi Agraharam, Andanallur (Post), Jeeyapuram Tiruchirapalli-639101(T.N.)(0431) 2614873 (R)
Dr. S. Palaniswamy Hony. Secretary IIPA Tiruchirapalli Local Branch A-80, 3rd Cross, Dheeran Nagar, Dindigul Road Tiruchirapalli-620009 (T.N.)(0431) 2403062 (R) Mobile: 9442583062 E-mail:
Shri K. Baskar Chairman IIPA Tirunelveli Local Branch 40 Subam Colony K.T.C. Nagar, North, Maharajanagar PO Tirunelveli-627011 (TN)(0462) 2521353 (R) Mobile: 9486041694
Prof. M. Muthiah Hony. Secretary IIPA Tirunelveli Local Branch Jai Bheem Bhavan H-115, Anbu Nagar, Maharaja Nagar (PO) Tirunelveli-627011 (T.N.)(0462) 2530025 (R) Mobile: 9487854540
Prof. A. Ranga Reddy Chairman IIPA Tirupati Local Branch 15-40/1D, Sri Sai High School Lane Padnivathi Nagar Tirupati-517502( R) 0877-2289443 Mobile: 9849741654 E-mail:
Dr.(Mrs.) A. Samanthakamani Hony. Secretary IIPA Tirupati Local Branch 10-13-518, Reddy & Reddy Colony Tirupati-517501 (A.P.)(0877) 2255054 (R) Office: 0877-2289316 Mobile: 9490045697 E-mail:
Agri C. Veerabadran Chairman IIPA Tirupattur Local Branch No.342, Saibaba Nagar, Vaniyambadi Road Tirupattur-635601 (Tamil Nadu)Mobile: 8870762867
Shri K.M. Subramanian Hony. Secretary IIPA Tirupattur Local Branch No.116, Cutchery Street, L.S. Hospital Tirupattur-635601, Vellore Distt. (TN)Mobile: 9443222863 E-mail:
Dr. Jatin V. Modi Chairman IIPA Vadodara Local Branch 13, Prakash Colony Jetalpur Road Vadodara-390005 (Gujarat)(0265) 2460734 (0265) 2334282 Mobile: 9426054166
Shri Mahesh N. Trivedi Hony. Secretary IIPA Vadodara Local Branch Bajwada Bhatia Sheri Behind Kalyanrayji Temple Vadodara-390001 (Gujarat)Mobile: 9825097476
Prof. Himmat G. Patel Chairman IIPA Vallabh Vidyanagar Local Branch 41, Professor Society Mota Bazar Mota Bazar Vallabh Vidyanagar-388120 (Gujarat)Mobile: 09825892826 E-mail:
Dr. Jayesh Poojara Hony. Secretary IIPA Vallabh Vidyanagar Local Branch Shri D.N. Institute of P.G. Studies in Commerce, M.B. Patel Science College Campus, Sardar Ganj Road Anand-388001 (Gujarat)Mobile: 093752559375 08866298662
Shri P. Deva Doss Chairman IIPA Vellore Local Branch No.148, VOC Street, Gandhi Nagar Vellore-632006 (T.N.)(0416) 2243814 (R) Mobile: 9894112375
Shri M. Shanmugam Chairman IIPA Villupuram Local Branch 5, Jeyaram Layout, Maharajapuram, Villupuram-605602 (T.N.)Ph:04146-22207 Mobile: 9994506828
Shri M. Thirugnanasambandam Hony. Secretary IIPA Villupuram Local Branch 11/5 Devaraj Street, Keelperumbakkam Villupuram-605602 (T.N.)Mobile: 9994707470 E-mail:
Shri S.P.G.R. Nithyanandan Chairman IIPA Virudhunagar Local Branch 1, Koolaian Kovil Street Virudhunagar-626001 (T.N.)244164 & 244364 (O) Fax: 244964 (O) E-mail:
Shri R. Kanagavel Hony. Secretary IIPA Virudhunagar Local Branch 529, Madurai Road Virudhunagar-626001 (T.N.)(04562)-244835 (O) 246035 (R) Fax: 244562-243705 E-mail:
Prof. E.A. Narayana Chairman, IIPA Visakhapatnam Local Branch C/o Department of Pol. Science and Public Admn., Andhra University Visakhapatnam-530003 (Telangana)(0891) 2824418(O) Mobile: 9441249331 E-mail:
Prof. N. Sambasiva Rao Hony. Secretary IIPA Visakhapatnam Local Branch C/o Department of Commerce Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-530003 (Telangana)(0891) 2844270 (O) Mobile: 9848170274 E-mail:
Prof. M. Vidyasagar Reddy Chairman IIPA Warangal Local Branch C/o Deptt. of Public Admn. & HRM Kakatiya University, Warangal-506009 (AP)Mobile: 09866576017 E-mail:
Prof. G. Rameshwaram Hony. Secretary IIPA Warangal Local Branch C/o Deptt. of Public Admn. & HRM Kakatiya University Warangal-506009 (AP)(0870) 2455588 (O) Mobile: 09885774967 E-Mail:


6.GOA (WEST COAST)12002214243
9.Vallabh Vidyanagar02001503535
11.HIMACHAL PRADESH05703309090
12.JAMMU & KASHMIR62521807332339
20.MADHYA PRADESH (including Chhattisgarh)21731843257260

72 Indian Institute of Public Administration

34.PUNJAB & CHANDIGARH (UT)217001022272274
38.TAMIL NADU148101761657658
59.UTTAR PRADESH753612448780788
65.WEST BENGAL623301006333339
Other States*12902615556

* No IIPA Branch 74 Indian Institute of Public Administration Annexure F.4 ACADEMIC CENTRES 2018-19

Centre for Urban StudiesCentre for Public Policy, Planning and Development Studies
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.Prof. K.K. Pandey-Coordinator Dr. V. N. Alok Dr. Kusum Lata Dr. Girish Kumar Dr. Charru Malhotra Dr. Sachin Chowdhry Dr. Sapna Chadah Dr. Sujit Kumar Pruseth Dr. Manan Dwivedi Dr. Saket Bihari Dr. Pawan Taneja1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.Prof. V. K. Sharma Prof. Dolly Arora Dr. C. Sheela Reddy Dr. Girish Kumar Dr. Neetu Jain Dr. Sachin Chowdhry Dr. Sujit Kumar Pruseth Dr. Mamta Pathania Dr. Manan Dwivedi Dr. Nupur Tiwary Dr. Gadadhara Mohapatra
Centre for Economic Analysis and Financial ManagementCentre for Rural Development Administration & Panchayati Raj
1. 2. 3.Dr. V. N. Alok Dr. Roma Debnath Dr. Pawan Taneja1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.Dr. V. N. Alok Dr. Girish Kumar Dr. C. Sheela Reddy-Coordinator Dr. Charru Malhotra Dr. Sachin Chowdhry Dr. Sujit Kumar Pruseth Dr. Nupur Tiwary Dr. Gadadhara Mohapatra
Centre for Management Studies, Public Enterprises and Behavioural StudiesCentre for Consumer Studies
1. 2. 3.Dr. Neetu Jain Dr. Roma Debnath Dr. Pawan Taneja1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Prof. Suresh Misra-Coordinator Dr. C. Sheela Reddy Dr. Sapna Chadah Dr. Manan Dwivedi Dr. Saket Bihari Dr. Mamta Pathania