Faculty Publications

This collection includes articles, book chapters, book reviews and books written by Faculty members of the Institute. The focus is on scholarly publications of the current faculty. In some cases, items published by current faculty when they were employed elsewhere are also included. Full text of books is usually not provided due to copyright restrictions.

  • Cloud computing: software as a services business application challenges
    Pandey, Surabhi (Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies2014)
  • Future prospects & current challenges of enterprise applications (ERP) on software as services (SaaS) using cloud computing model
    Pandey, Surabhi (International forum of researchers students and academician Journal2011-12)
  • Challenges involved in implementation of ERP on demand solution :Cloud computing
    Purohit, G.N.; Jaiswal, M.P.; Pandey, Surabhi (International Journal of Computer Science Issues2012)
  • Data Security in Cloud-Based Applications
    Pandey, Surabhi (Springer Nature Singapore Pvt. Ltd.2018)
  • India -Resurgent and Resilient
    Bhattacharjee, Govind (Ane Books Pvt. Limited2019)
  • The Iran Imbroglio
    Bhattacharjee, Govind (The Statesman2019-06-19)