Climate change is one of the greatest challenges our planet and Mankind is facing. In lieu of steps taken to understand the factors affecting Climate Change and to capacitate the stakeholders to adapt and mitigate , the Center for Climate Change, Environment and Drought Administration concerns itself to adept with the strategies in the changging scenario.The Centre aims to further to Sustainable Development Goals.

The centre was established in 1992 and rechristened as the Center for Climate Change, Environment and Drought Administration in 2010. The Centre undertakes, organizes and facilitates faculty development programmes, conferences, capacity building Programmes, seminars, exposure visits and research in sectoral issues of Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction. These instruments help in honing the skills of the Policy makers, Academia , Researchers and the like to equip them with the latest dynamics of the Climate Change. The nuances are brainstormed in the training sessions which arms the Government machinery to tread towards Good Governance.


IIPA in collaboration with SEEDS Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. is implementing a project “Climate Smart Governance” sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) has launched eight National Mission that are: National Solar Mission, National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency, National Mission on Sustainable habitat, National Water Mission, National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Eco-system, National Mission for a Green India, National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change. DST, Ministry of Science and Technology has been assigned with the responsibility of coordinating two of the above mention eight national missions. This project on capacity building has been designed to facilitate the Climate Change Mission of DST to meet its objective.

The main objective of this project is to target selected stakeholders and to sensitize them on Climate Change issues, adaptation needs and options. The broad themes will cover Climate Change Adaptation, underpinning the sectoral impacts on water resources including glaciers, agriculture, human health, social-economic vulnerability and livelihood, extreme events, disaster risk reduction and management. The other theme would be Climate Change Mitigation entailing renewable energy options, energy efficiency and sustainable habitat. Outcomes of the capacity building project will be demand- driven and evidence- based reflecting and accommodating local needs. The focus on practical action would provide a series of options to offer balanced information for decision- makers. Technical training to professionals and facilitating the adaptative planning process and implementation. The project will increase the awareness and resilience of communities to the adverse effects of Climate Change.

Indian Institute of Public Administration

IIPA houses a full-fledged centre for Environment, Climate Change and Drought administration and has the expertise to conduct capacity building programs related to Climate Change and other environmental phenomena. IIPA connects with a range of clientele of different ministries including MoWR River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, MHA, MoEF& CC, DST, and NDMA besides World Bank, UN, UNICEF and other international agencies. The institution has a fully active DST wing which conducts training programmes sponsored by DST throughout the year.

The major activities of the Institute: Training, research, advisory and consultancy services, information dissemination and exchange.

This endeavour is intended to ignite a spark in the young minds

Prof. V.K Sharma

Prof. V. K. Sharma

Project Investigator

Dr. Shyamli Singh

Dr. Shyamli Singh

Project Investigator

SEEDS Technical Service

SEEDS Technical Services is a professional organization that seeks to protect the lives and livelihoods of people exposed to natural disasters and living in disaster prone areas by providing technical services to governments, non-profit organizations, corporate agencies and communities. It is an affiliate of the non-profit organization SEEDS that primarily engages in shelter reconstruction and adopts locally based approaches to reduce the impact of future disasters on communities at risk.

SEEDS Technical Services with its small team of committed individuals has reached out to families affected by earthquakes, floods and cyclones; restored schools and homes; and has invariably put its faith in education to build long term resilience. It continues to advocate for and involve with communities across Asia to ensure a safer and sustainable world.


Dr. Anshu Sharma

Dr. Anshu Sharma


Shalini Jain

Shalini Jain

Senior Director, Training

Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar

Lead, Planning

  • Understand the basic science behind Climate Change
  • Comprehend the sectoral Climate Change affects
  • Explain the projections of Climate Change and its links
  • Develop and carry out sectoral impacts, vulnerability and adaptive capacity assessment in relation to Climate Change
  • Translate results of the assessment into adaptation needs and options
  • Develop adaptation strategy and national/ sub national action plans
  • Engage Sectoral stakeholders
  • Recognize, promote and integrate mitigation co-benefits in various sectors
Objective IIPA

The centre specialises in the following Research areas:

Centre Activity IIPA


Climate School:

This endeavour is intended to ignite a spark in the young minds which can be a fertile scientific ground and can probably transform them into green ambassadors of future. The objective of the exercise is to sensitize the school students about the effects of climate parameters and to instill a curiosity in the young minds to know about the various facets of climate science.

IIPA Climate School IIPA Climate School

Dr. Shyamli Singh


Assistant Prof. Env. Manag. and Climate Change



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